Automated guide vehicles
Maintenance-free and running at full capacity

Perfect drive concept for automated guide vehicles (AGV)

Nabtesco offers an extensive portfolio of cycloidal gears as well as drive concepts for a wide range of applications. For your applications we can also develop customised gears that are adapted to your exact requirements. An example is a drive concept for an automated guide vehicle. Learn more here!

We develop ultramodern gear concepts with or without a hollow shaft that feature robustness, durability, speed, high radial loads and exceptional precision. Since our gear systems are designed with quality and reliability in mind to ensure a long life, more than seven million precision gears from Nabtesco are used in such diverse fields as robotics, machine tool manufacturing, handling applications and medical engineering. A market share of 60% in the robotic sector make Nabtesco the world market leader!

High radial loads

The special design of our eccentric gears enables them to withstand very high radial loads.

Reliable and solid

Cycloidal gears require no internal gear teeth and are not subjected to shear forces. This virtually eliminates sudden failures. The gears are practically maintenance-free.


In many cases installation space is limited. That is why we design our gear systems to be as compact as possible.

The new RF-P series: High performance in a compact design

Our newly developed RF-P gears set standards for high speed in a compact design. The compact cycloidal gears are ideal for use in AGV-applications, machine tools or robotics, where installation space is limited. Nevertheless, they enable output speeds of 200 rpm and operate with extremely high precision.


The high performance of RF-P gears is especially obvious in mobile applications: The series is ideal for use in the wheel drives of automated guide vehicles (AGV). AGV-applications also benefit from our extensive technological expertise in robotics: Cycloid gears are extremely solid and reliable, despite their very compact design.


The two-stage cycloidal gear was originally developed in the 1940s for use in construction machines in combination with a hydraulic motor. A construction machine’s chain drive requires a gear that is solid and durable. This DNA is still an integral part of our gears and is especially beneficial in the wheel drives of the automated guide vehicle. More information on this technology is available here:

Which gearbox fits your application best? Find your optimum gear with just a few clicks.


Drive system with with mecanum wheel

For automated guide vehicles, we developed a customised drive unit with mecanum wheel. These special wheels allow a transport system to move freely in any direction. This is a big advantage for automated guide vehicles for example in intralogistics, conveyor system or mobile robots as they can move and turn in all directions without turning circle and even in confined spaces.


For the AGV-drive we modified our existing gears: the gear backlash was increased to ensure higher rotational speed and the bearing was optimised to cope with higher radial loads.


This fully integrated and decentralised drive concept, in which all components are contained in the wheel unit, offers the user maximum design freedom in the construction of automated guide vehicles! The compact and extremely solid drive concept is completely maintenance-free.


The drive concept is an interesting economic alternative: no central control or master PC is required.







Drive concept for AGV


Motor capacity (W)4001,0002,000
Wheel diameter (mm)254305355
Maximum speed (m/min)606060
Load capacity (kgf)*1,0003,0005,000

* load for AGV using 4 drive units



a (mm)254305355
b (mm)128156190
c (mm)*(147)(177)(199)

* Subject to change depending on motor















The perfect drive solution for your project

We have always developed custom gears for the individual requirements of our customers, as in this example. When it comes to customising today, we go even a few steps further! With a staff of experienced development engineers and our service team in Düsseldorf we can implement your requirements quickly and professionally.

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