Time-proven in practice

Drive technology with a high safety margin

Motorized drives provide for extreme precision in the handling of patients and in imaging processes such as X-ray, MRI or ultrasonic examinations. These applications require positioning accuracy within a tolerance of millimetres or even less. Since the machines are used for examining human patients, safety margins are extremely important in the case of a malfunction. Nabtesco cycloidal gears are the ideal choice!

High precision

The low backlash of less than one arcminute in our precision gears is decisive for high-quality and detailed images of the body.

Low operating noise

Our low noise version with optimized gear geometry in the first gear stage ensures exceptionally quiet operation.

Maximum safety

An emergency stop torque of up to 5 times the rated torque guarantees maximum safety.

Quiet, precise and reliable

We deliver custom and integrated precision gears that more than fulfil the high standards of medical technology: In addition to precise positioning within a tolerance of millimetres Nabtesco cycloidal gears and gearheads are also designed with a high margin of safety to prevent injuries to patients and staff in the event of a disruption.

Which gearbox fits your application best? Find your optimum gear with just a few clicks.

Precision gears in use

Our gears are designed for a long service life and stable operation, with an emergency stop torque of up to 5 times the rated torque! In addition, their overload capacity allows them to move heavy loads easily. To minimise the noise level in the vicinity of the patient the reduction gears are also available in a low-noise version.

Our gears for medical technology

Exentergetriebe RV-N von Nabtesco


Solid shaft component set

Präzisionsgetriebe RV-C mit Hohlwelle von Nabtesco


Hollow shaft component set

RF-P Präzisionsgetriebe mit Vollwelle


Solid shaft component set, high output speed

Präzisionsgetriebe RV - Getriebekopf mit Vollwelle von Nabtesco


Solid shaft component set, without output bearing


Solid shaft gearhead


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