Neatly packaged

Precision gears for handling and palletising robots

Hygiene and safety are the top priorities in food production and packaging applications. Compliance with extremely stringent hygiene standards is required in the handling, positioning and packaging of foodstuffs. In addition, these applications are becoming more dynamic, faster and more precise. Our cycloidal gears of the RF-P and RH-N series easily fulfil these requirements.


The two-stage reduction principle of the virtually backlash-free gears results in excellent performance with respect to dynamics and smooth operation, as well as high repeat and path accuracy.


The eccentric gears of the RH-N series feature an extremely hygienic design with smooth surfaces, optimized seals and, on request, special coatings.


Our compact cycloidal gears feature a high power density. Their low weight provides for lower mass inertia and improved load conditions.

Ideal for the food industry

The precision gears of our RF-P and RH-N series are ideal for the food and beverage industry: They have a very hygienic design and are easy to clean. Their high precision and power density make them an outstanding choice for use in packaging machines, filling systems or handling and positioning systems, such as SCARA, Delta or palletising robots.

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Precision gears in use

For hygienic applications we deliver pre-lubricated gearheads that are assembled in Germany. We use food-compliant H1 lubricants, which are time-proven in numerous tests and in practice!

Our gears for packaging technology

RF-P Präzisionsgetriebe mit Vollwelle


Solid shaft component set, high output speed


Solid shaft gearhead

RDP-E Getriebekopf mit Vollwelle von Nabtesco


Solid shaft gearhead

RDP-C Präzisionsgetriebe mit Hohlwelle - Zykloidgetriebe von Nabtesco


Hollow shaft gearhead

Getriebeköpfe mit Vollwelle - Zykloidgetriebe GH-Serie von Nabtesco


Solid shaft gearhead


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