The optimal axis for your robot

Nabtesco gears make your robot more precise and more efficient

Extremely dynamic

The cycloidal construction of Nabtesco gears ensures high speeds and fast acceleration in pick & place applications

Absolutely precise

Precision gears from Nabtesco give your welding robot the necessary “sensitivity” for exact processing

Exceptionally long life

Our low-wear gear solutions ensure a long life and smooth operation throughout the entire period of use

Compact design

Our engineers design Nabtesco gears to be very compact for easy integration in applications with limited space

World market leader! The robotics sector relies on Nabtesco.

Our precision gears are used in more than 60 % of all industrial robots around the globe! This makes Nabtesco the undisputed world market leader in the field of robot gears!

Although the requirements for the robots and the robot gears vary depending on the application, dynamics and precision, as well as low wear throughout the entire life cycle are always in demand. Pick & place and other handling applications require high speed, repeat accuracy and the precise positioning of heavy loads. A painting robot, on the other hand, must never deviate from the pre-defined path: even slight vibrations or tracking deviations cause uneven paint application and a poor first-run rate.


Cycloidal gears from our production are ideally suited for such applications! Nabtesco gears of the RV-N, RV-C, RF-P and RH-N series are specially adapted to the requirements of robotics.

The perfect custom gear solution for your individual application

With our many years of experience and in-house engineering we help you to develop solutions for your requirements. The engineers and application specialists at Nabtesco gladly accept new and demanding challenges in drive technology – to fulfil your expectations one hundred percent!

Compact and lightweight

A series of compact and lightweight solid shaft component sets. They were developed for all robotic applications that require high torques despite limited space. The reinforced crankshaft bearing of these cycloidal gears ensure high power density and shock load (up to 5 times the rated torque). The RV-N gears are also extremely precise and are designed for low wear, which guarantees a long life.

Solid shaft component set
T: 245 – 7.000 Nm
i: 41 – 203,52

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Flexible and powerful

The plug & play solution for every machine design engineer! Our RH-N series is ideal for handling applications and palletising robots. The modular design with defined interfaces makes the gears especially versatile. The drive pinion and motor flange for standard motor types are integrated in the gearhead for easy installation and low maintenance. On request we will adapt the gearheads to your specific application. They are delivered completely sealed and pre-filled with lubricant.

Solid shaft gearhead
T: 245 – 7.000 Nm
i: 41 – 203,52

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Long-range sprinters

Newly developed for Delta and SCARA robots, the RF-P series is especially suitable for applications that require high power density and efficiency despite limited space. This gear set guarantees high output speeds of up to 200 rpm, fast cycle times and high precision (hysteresis loss < 2 arcmin). They are designed for a long service life of up to 20,000 hours of operation.

Solid shaft component set, high output speed
T: 190 – 320 Nm
i: 31 – 56
n: bis 200 min-1

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Hollow shaft powerhouses

The hollow shaft for the feed-through of cables and supply lines makes the RV-C series ideal for robotics – and also for 5-axis machining centres, antenna systems and medical technology. The compact RV-C gears are designed for high performance and high precision (hysteresis loss < 1 arcmin), as well as low vibration.

Hollow shaft component set
T: 98 – 11.760 Nm

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Which gearbox fits your application best? Find your optimum gear with just a few clicks.

Sensitivity for welding robots

Nabtesco cycloidal gears enable high speeds and acceleration rates in pick & place applications – with exceptionally smooth operation and a long life. Especially welding robots benefit from the high precision of our component sets, which give them the necessary “sensitivity”. Our engineers also take measures to design the gears as compact and lightweight as possible.


More information can be found in our general brochure “Precision gears for highest demands”.

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