Always follow the sun

Reliable and precise panel tracking

Many photovoltaic and solar thermal installations – especially central receiver power plants – adjust their panels to the position of the sun. In addition to high efficiency of the panels, constantly precise and reliable alignment is essential for a fast return on investment and long-term maintenance-free operation of the installation. Nabtesco cycloidal gears feature impressive precision, reliability and vibration-free operation.

Extreme precision

The design of our cycloidal gears allows high repeat and path accuracy – perfect for exact panel alignment!

Low vibration

The two-stage reduction principle of the eccentric gears minimizes vibrations and mass inertia, while allowing higher reduction ratios.

High reliability

The high production quality and low-wear design of our gears ensure a long service life – with constantly high precision.

Specially developed for solar installations

On the basis of the RV series, which is time-proven in solar technology, we developed a gear series that is especially adapted to the requirements of alignment systems in solar installations: the RGS series. These Nabtesco gears for the azimuth axis are ideal for collector surfaces from 20 to 120 m². Their non-self-locking force transmission allows them to easily withstand shock loads, for example from wind gusts. That reduces mechanical wear. With the exception of typical oil change intervals, the trochoidal gears are maintenance-free.

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