Everyone starts out small

About improvisations, innovations, above-average commitment and a strong team spirit


“Since we were a very small team in the early days, the responsibilities of each individual were far-reaching. One had to do more than the position required. This made the work very interesting and eventful. It was often necessary to improvise in order to find joint solutions. As a result, strong bonds formed between the employees. 

Meanwhile  the Technology & Production department has grown from a student assistant to a team of eight members, including engineers, technicians and other specialists. The department has adapted its work methods and reorganised its structures accordingly. The goal is always to generate optimal processes, in order to remain efficient and goal-focused.

From a mere sales agency with a garage for the storeroom and shop to a production hall with the necessary manpower and equipment – much has happened since the founding years. In addition to engineering modifications, the company meanwhile has its own product lines. These are milestones that we like to look back on. It is extremely motivating to be part of the whole. My wish is that Nabtesco will be able to maintain this dynamism and that we continue to push ahead with new innovations.”

Marco Pawliszak, Head of Engineering & Production
At Nabtesco since May 2011