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Press release | Adhesive bonding with maximum precision

Nabtesco high-performance cycloidal gearboxes for bonding applications. Age-old and yet ultramodern: Adhesive bonding, one of the oldest assembly technologies, is undergoing a huge boom and is conquering ever more areas of application. Automated bonding processes require technologies with high standards for precision, dynamics and reliability. Home match for Nabtesco cycloidal gearboxes. They enable fast acceleration and braking, in addition to high-precision positioning with backlash of less than one arcminute.

Nabtesco high-performance cycloidal gearboxes for bonding applications

High-precision cycloidal gearboxes from Nabtesco guarantee fast and precise application of adhesive beads

Welding is one of the most important industrial joining technologies. But the “top dog” is increasingly being replaced by other methods. Adhesive bonding is gaining ground across industries and product categories, and is long established as the joining technology of the 21st century. This development is in response to such factors as modern lightweight construction, the use of new material combinations, and increasing requirements for functionality, efficiency and cost effectiveness. A reliable and durable bond depends not only on the choice of the right adhesive and optimal composition of the materials to be joined, but especially on fast and precise application of the adhesive bead. Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco enable perfect bonded seams with pin-point positioning, even at high speeds and accelerations.

Ultra-precise, highly dynamic and extremely compact
The cycloidal design makes Nabtesco gearboxes very precise, dynamic and durable. They feature high torque capacity, tremendous shock load resistance (up to 500 % of the rated torque), and minimum backlash throughout the entire life cycle (hysteresis loss 0.5 to max. 1 arcmin). The low-wear design ensures a long life and smooth operation. The large, integrated angular contact ball bearings absorb high forces and moments, and also extend the service life. Cycloidal gearboxes are also extremely compact, which facilitates integration in applications with limited space.

Performance and cost benefits for automated bonding processes
Whether in the automotive industry, medical technology or mechanical engineering: The high positioning accuracy and repeatability of cycloidal gears enable precisely controlled motions and pin-point positioning. This is beneficial to the systems that apply the adhesive and also the devices that align the workpieces. The use of Nabtesco gearboxes guarantees maximum precision, optimal product quality and stable processes. They make it possible to bring automated bonding processes in industrial production and assembly to a new level.