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Press release | Precise positioning of food

With Nabtesco cycloidal gears for the food industry | Pick & place applications in the food industry require high-performance gears that fulfil stringent requirements with respect to precision, dynamics, robustness and hygiene. As the world’s biggest manufacturer of cycloidal gears Nabtesco is familiar with the particular requirements of the industry and delivers solutions that ensure the exact execution of motions and pin-point positioning.

Everyone knows there is no accounting for taste. However, when it comes to choosing the optimal gearbox personal preferences should yield to the hard technical facts. In this regard it is worthwhile to look beyond conventional solutions and take a look at cycloidal gears. The special design of Nabtesco gear systems makes them extremely precise (hysteresis loss < 1 arcmin), robust (able to withstand impacts up to five times the rated torque) and compact (about 50% shorter than multi-stage planetary gears). They enable high speeds and accelerations, operate with absolute reliability, and feature outstanding repeatability and path accuracy. They also ensure fast and precise picking and placing in applications with very fast and abrupt motions.

Precision in a hygienic design 
For the stringent hygiene requirements in the production, processing and packaging of foods, the servo gearboxes of the RH-N series are ideal. The fully enclosed gear units feature an especially hygienic design with smooth surfaces and optimised seals, which also makes them easy to clean. On request, Nabtesco can deliver the gears with special coatings or filled with food-compliant H1 lubricants. Since a drive pinion and motor flange for all standard motor types are already integrated, integration in the drive train is fast and easy. An uncomplicated plug-and-play solution!

Long-range sprinters
The Nabtesco portfolio also includes the RF-P series of high-performance robotic gears for high-speed handling and robot-assisted positioning – after all, the lightweight carbon fibre arms of Delta robots can move at speeds exceeding six metres per second. Such dynamic conditions make precise and durable gears an absolute necessity. The compact solid shaft gearboxes enable fast cycle times and high output speeds of up to 200 rpm, and they are designed with integrated main bearings for optimal absorption of radial and axial forces. With a life of up to 20,000 hours of operation they are also extremely durable.

Maximum efficiency for pick & place applications
Whether for cheese, fruit, meat, or sweets and baked goods: Nabtesco cycloidal gears provide for more efficient pick & place processes in the food industry, resulting in increased productivity, improved quality and lower costs. It is no wonder that more and more users are acquiring a taste for Nabtesco solutions in their picker lines. It goes without saying that the cycloidal gear specialist with European headquarters in Düsseldorf develops all drive concepts individually and tailors them to the particular application.