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Press release | Future-proof production with cycloidal gears. Innovative drive solutions for robotics and automation.

Nabtesco stands for efficiency, innovation, stability and user friendliness. For 2023, the world’s largest manufacturer of precision cycloidal-design gears and market leader in the field of robotic gears is looking forward with confidence and setting a course for new challenges.


Companies are already facing issues such as digitisation, decarbonisation, sustainability and automation. None of this will change in 2023 either. Quite the contrary. Criteria such as environmentally- and resource-friendly production, digital services and highly automated processes are increasingly becoming decisive competitive factors. As a long-standing partner in robotics and automation, Nabtesco knows exactly what challenges lie ahead. In 2023, the focus is therefore increasingly on issues such as energy efficiency, downsizing, conservation of resources and hybridisation.


Cycloidal gears: a guarantee for efficiency, performance and reliability

Whether robotics or classic mechanical and plant engineering: Thanks to their high precision and power density, Nabtesco cycloidal gears are a guarantee of efficiency, performance and reliability, making them the ideal choice for future-proof manufacturing and logistics processes. The innovative gear systems are characterised by high dynamics and precision (hysteresis loss 0.5 to max. 1 arcmin) and low wear over their entire service life, thus making a significant contribution to shortening machining processes, improving product quality and increasing productivity. Due to their compact design, they also enable the construction of smaller plant and machinery, which has a positive effect on the machine footprint, energy and resource consumption as well as the total operating costs. Hybrid concepts such as the digital twin of a precision gear open up further performance and efficiency advantages.


Entering the new year with confidence

“Cycloidal gears are closely linked to robotics. Small and medium-sized companies in particular also benefit from the specific features of the technology. Therefore, medium-sized companies and general mechanical and plant engineering are a focus of our activities in 2023,” says Daniel Obladen, Head of Sales General Industries at Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH, adding: “Overall, we are approaching the new year with optimism because, despite these troubled times, potential is emerging. The needs are there and fill us with confidence. Once more in 2023, our customers have a strong partner at their side who can react quickly and flexibly to any market requirements.”