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Press release | Nabtesco at automatica 2022 - Innovative gear solutions for robotics and mechanical engineering

The automatica trade fair will take place in Munich from 21 to 24 June 2022. Nabtesco will also be there – with plenty of innovations. For example, the cycloidal gear specialist will present a real game changer for robotics, as well as its new high-torque gearboxes for heavy loads.

As a much sought-after partner for robotics and automation, Nabtesco, the world’s largest manufacturer of cycloidal gears and the market leader in the field of robotic gears, knows the requirements of the industry very well. Nabtesco gear solutions are characterised by extreme precision, maximum reliability and a compact design, with high power density for undreamed of advantages with respect to efficiency. The gear specialist is constantly working on new automation solutions, which allow advancements in robotics and mechanical engineering. At automatica in Hall B6, Booth 311 Nabtesco will present three ground-breaking innovations: the servo gearboxes of the Neco® series, the new Neco®HT high-torque gears and the brand new precision gears of the Zeta series.


The Zeta series: A new dimension in precision

Nabtesco developed the solid and hollow shaft gearboxes of the new Zeta series especially for robotics. The main characteristic is their extremely high rigidity. Compared to the gears of the RV-N and RV-C series, they feature up to 20 percent higher bending and torsional rigidity, respectively. That is a guarantee for impressive precision. The modular gear concept also ensures maximum flexibility, availability and cost effectiveness. The first models specially designed for robotics are already available, and the product portfolio will be successively expanded.


Neco® and Neco®HT: Robot technology for mechanical engineering

The user-friendly gears of Nabtesco’s Neco® series have made robot technology accessible in conventional machine and plant engineering. The ready-to-install servo gearboxes set standards with respect to design, corrosion protection, motor interface and modularity, in order to achieve huge leaps in performance. Now the cycloidal gear specialist has expanded the successful series to include models that are dimensioned for heavy-duty applications. Neco®HT high-torque gearboxes deliver torques of 3,800 to 7,000 Nm and guarantee high-precision positioning in applications with high weights and forces. They feature a unique level of modularity and standardisation, which ensures cost-effective series production and high availability. NecoâHT high-torque gears are currently in prototype status.


Precise in any size

In addition to these new gears, Nabtesco will also present a selection of the company’s broad automation products at automatica. The products will include rotary indexers of the RS series, zero backlash OVALO strain wave gears, the world’s largest precision gearbox (RV-2800N), and a fully integrated and decentralized mecanum wheel drive unit, as well as a preview of future condition monitoring concepts for real-time monitoring of robots.