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Press release | Nabtesco at automatica 2023:Precision gear systems for robotics, mechanical engineering and AGVs

At automatica 2023 (27-30 June, Munich) Nabtesco, the largest manufacturer of precision cycloidal gears and the world market leader in the field of robotic gears, will present its broad range of automation products, including user-friendly gear concepts for robotics, mechanical engineering and automated guided vehicles (AGV). One of the highlights is the Neco®HT-900, the world’s largest plug-and-play precision gearbox.


The modular high-torque gears of the Neco®HT series from Nabtesco provide customer-friendly plug-and-play gears for high torques. Now the cycloidal gear specialist has expanded the successful concept to include an additional size. The new Neco®HT-900 features a rated torque of 9,000 Nm, as well as acceleration and braking moments of 22,500 Nm, which makes it the world’s largest plug-and-play precision gearbox.


Neco®HT-900: Modular precision gears for heavy loads and high forces

Whether for robot peripherals, welding positioners, indexing, positioning or rotating applications: The special design principle of the Neco®HT-900 achieves very high reduction ratios with only two to three gear stages, which guarantees precise positioning (hysteresis loss of 0.5 arc.min) in a very compact design. A unique aspect of the new series is the high level of modularity and standardisation in the area of large precision gears. This guarantees faster assembly and maximum flexibility with respect to the motor connection, as well as economical series production and high availability with shorter delivery times.


Gear innovations for robotics, mechanical engineering and AGVs

Visitors to automatica 2023 will have the opportunity to experience the Neco®HT series live in action. From 27 to 30 June, Nabtesco will present the powerful high-torque gearboxes together with other innovative drive solutions in Hall B6, Booth 311. The products from the Düsseldorf-based specialist will include efficient ready-to-use solutions for mechanical engineering (e.g. Neco® gears, the RD-C series with a hollow shaft, rotary indexers of the RS series), a fully integrated and decentralised drive unit with a Mecanum wheel for automated guided vehicles (AGV), and the Zeta series, which was specially developed for use in large-scale robot production. Nabby and Tessy, Nabtesco’s new mascots, will also make their first appearance in Munich.


Cycloidal gears are the driving force of automation

As the world’s largest manufacturer of precision cycloidal gears and the market leader in the field of robot gears, Nabtesco implements sustainable solutions for all applications and axes, and is in high demand as a partner for robotics and automation. Meanwhile, more than eleven million gear systems are in use around the world. Due to their high precision and rigidity, they guarantee precisely executed motions, as well as pin-point positioning, in order to achieve enormous leaps in performance. The result: faster machining processes, better product quality, higher productivity and reduced costs.