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Press release | Nabtesco is making its employees fit for the future

The changing world of work: automation, new work and diversity - The automation expert Nabtesco makes enterprises fit for the future. But change is not limited to production – the world of work is also changing. New work is the buzzword of the day. The cycloidal gear manufacturer has understood the signs of the times and is preparing its employees for the upcoming challenges.

For more than 35 years Nabtesco has worked closely with the robotics sector and contributes to the success of automation in industry. And yet the number one priority of the cycloidal gear specialist has always been people. “We see automation as a tool that helps to make the future more successful, safer, more economical and more convenient for people. No one should have to work in dangerous environments or perform monotonous tasks”, says Daniel Obladen, Head of Sales General Industries at Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH. Without a doubt: Automation, digitization, globalization, new technologies and demographic change are transforming the world of work. Occupations are disappearing, new areas of activity are being created. Work is becoming increasingly networked, mobile, flexible and heterogeneous. Expectations and job profiles are changing, and new qualifications and skills are in demand. “Our employees are our most valuable asset. That is why we are investing heavily to make them fit for the challenges of the new world of work, explains Sarah Zielke, Junior Manager Human Resources at Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH.

Nabtesco Academy: Fit4Future

As one means of achieving these goals, the gear specialist established the Nabtesco Academy. The academy offers a 1-1/2 year training program with workshops, online seminars, coaching, projects and independent study. The goal is to promote individual development of particular skills among Nabtesco’s employees. The integration of all generations is a special concern of the automation expert, because innovation, creativity and success require a balanced mix of young professional newcomers and experienced colleagues.

Diversity promotes innovation and creativity

Speaking of diversity: As an enterprise with operations throughout Europe and part of the Japanese Nabtesco Group, diversity is nothing new at Nabtesco. “For us, diversity is not just a trend, but has always been firmly anchored in our DNA – at the Düsseldorf headquarters alone we have employees from nine nations”, says Sarah Zielke, adding: “Diversity is not only about gender, culture, religion or age, but rather about accepting other opinions and attitudes – as the result of the diverse socializations, values and stereotypes among our employees. Respect for each individual is the most important thing.”

Enjoyment at work

Giving employees more responsibility and freedom of action, an open culture for feedback and mistakes, cooperation at eye level, flexible work hour models, modern office environments: It is the sum total of many factors that create a corporate culture that promotes innovation and a trustworthy work environment. Daniel Obladen: “Creativity is the result of conviction and enjoyment at work. At Nabtesco that is how we live every day.” Sarah Zielke adds: “Self-determination, self-confidence and self-fulfilment are high on our list of priorities. We support the personal and professional development of our employees and involve them in decisions. We allow them to freely develop their potentials and to contribute their ideas. To make this possible we offer suitable options – from working at home to co-working rooms and workspaces for concentrated work – which creates a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere through a co-active leadership style, an optimal work-life balance, and agile work methods.”