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Press release | Neco®: New sizes, new case design

Cycloidal gear specialist Nabtesco continues to expand Neco® series - With the high-performance servo gearboxes of the Neco® series Nabtesco offers user-friendly robot technology for general mechanical engineering. Now the cycloidal gear manufacturer has expanded the line-up to include the sizes 80 and 160, as well as a new case design. For the user, this means more capabilities and increased flexibility in automation.

With the two new additions, the Neco® series now offers a total of five sizes: 25, 42, 80, 125 and 160. With this step Nabtesco offers an extensive range of graduated sizes to enable absolutely precise gear design, which has positive effects with respect to installation space and cost-effectiveness. While size 80, which has a rated torque of 784 Nm and achieves acceleration and  deceleration torques of 1,960 Nm, is in the middle line-up, the Neco®-160 with a rated torque of 1,600 Nm and acceleration and deceleration torques of 4,000 Nm, is the top-of-the-line product in this series. But that is not the last development within the Neco® portfolio – the company is already planning to expand the series in the heavy-duty range.

Two case designs for maximum flexibility in motor adaptation

There are also innovations with regard to motor adaptation. In the past, the bolting of the case was implemented on the application side (type A), with no screw holes or protruding parts on the motor side. This can facilitate assembly and allows use in hygiene sensitive applications such as food packaging, medical engineering, biotechnology or the chemical industry. In addition, all sizes are now available with the conventional type B case design, which allows a bolted connection from the motor side. The Neco® can therefore be bolted on from both the motor side and the application side. This gives the user maximum flexibility in motor adaptation.

Next-generation cycloidal gears

The Neco® gears achieve high precision with a hysteresis loss of 0.5 arc.min and are extremely robust due to double-bearing eccentric shafts and a bearing-mounted drive shaft. The two-stage reduction principle results in excellent dynamics and smooth operation, as well as high repeatability and path accuracy, which makes these compact servo gearboxes ideal for automated processes – such as positioning, flexible handling and processing tasks, or dynamic pick-and-place applications. Motor shaft adaptation is achieved by means of a radial  clamping ring in a low-inertia version. This reduces the inertia of the motor shaft by up to 39 percent to enable extremely dynamic cycles. A unique aspect is the focus on usability: An intuitive product configurator makes selection and dimensioning of gearboxes fast and easy, a flexible system with modular bushings and flanges guarantees uncomplicated adaptation of all standard servo motors, and supportive tools facilitate assembly and utilisation.