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News | Plug-and-play gearbox: Connect and you are all set

Combining ease of use with maximum economy, plug-and-play-gearboxes offer an ideal solution for efficient drive concepts used in mechanical and plant engineering. Learn more about how plug-and-play gearboxes will help you streamline your daily work routine as well and discover the benefits of the exceptionally easy-to-use gear series Neco® and RDS-C!

Mounting, assembling and installing gear systems can be complicated and time-consuming. These processes are much simpler and faster with plug-and-play gearboxes. Just as their name suggests, these gearsets offer a “plug-and-play” design that turns them into ready-to-install solutions with effortless and immediate use.

Plug-and-play gearbox make work a cinch

Plug-and-play gearboxes save time and money. Preparing them for use is quick and easy and requires only a few simple steps. They thus relegate extensive installation and assembly work to the past. All the customer needs to do is screw the gearbox to the output shaft and the case and to adapt the motor. Better yet, replacing these gearboxes is just as effortless should they experience problems.
Advantages of plug-and-play gearboxes:

  • Ready-to-install design
  • Quick assembly
  • Simple installation
  • Effortless integration
  • Minimum expenditure of time
  • No special skills required
  • Instantly ready for use
  • Economical solution

The Neco® series: Performance, ease of use and economy

Good examples of plug-and-play gearboxes are the series Neco® and Neco®HT. Developed with a focus on straightforward automation in mechanical and plant engineering, the Neco® series marries excellent performance and outstanding economy with maximum user friendliness. The innovative precision gears feature a modular gear design and are setting standards with respect to precision, robustness and user convenience. 

Innovative modular system

The combination of standardised elements easily allows for numerous defined interfaces for use with a broad spectrum of drives. This guarantees not only faster assembly and maximum flexibility with respect to the motor connection, but also economical series production and high availability with shorter delivery times. Another advantage: Large angular ball bearings have been integrated into the gearboxes. Absorbing both axial and radial loads as well as bending moments, they provide for greater resistance to impacts and overloads. This eliminates the need for the mechanical engineer to provide for additional bearings.

The Neco® series: Robot technology for mechanical engineering

  • Neco®: High-precision servo gearboxes with a clean and modern design
  • Neco®HT: Modular high-torque gears for heavy loads

RDS-C: Plug-and-play gearbox with hollow shaft

Equally benefiting from plug-and-play technology, the hollow-shaft gearboxes of the RDS-C line can be integrated into the drive train with the same speed and ease. These highly precise, reliable and compact servo drives are designed for direct attachment and have been fully encapsulated. Generally filled with lubricant, they come with a built-in adapter plate for the motor as well as with a motor shaft coupling for servo motors. This cuts down the time necessary for engineering and installation.

The large dimensions of the hollow shaft make it possible to feed cables and hoses – e.g. data and supply cables as well as drive shafts – through the middle of the cycloidal gears in an effortless and space-saving manner. It does not remain rigid, but rather is designed to rotate at the output rpm. The advantage of this is that a sensor on the hollow shaft can determine the position of the drive shaft.

Incidentally: The RD-C gearboxes are available in three versions:

  • RDS-C for direct attachment
  • RDR-C for right-angle attachment
  • RDP-C for attachment with belt drive

Plug-and-play gearbox: An economical solution for your automation

Quick assembly, easy integration, and exceptional ease of use Plug-and-play gearboxes such as the Neco®, Neco®HT and RDS-C offer a number of advantages and are thus an integral part of many automatic strategies. Read here to learn more about the Neco® series and the RDS-C gearboxes or contact us directly.