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News | Precision gears and the art of simplicity

Cycloidal gears are a very powerful and also extremely complex technology. But complex systems do not necessarily have to be complicated. Quite the contrary. Based on the principle of simplicity, we design our precision gears so they greatly reduce the complexity of the overall system while simultaneously fulfilling the highest standards for performance, reliability and user-friendliness. Convince yourself!

Less is more: These three words best explain the principle of simplicity. Reduction to the essential boosts efficiency and is therefore an important factor for success. But how can we achieve simplicity? How can we reduce complexity? Innovative technology is decisive in this respect. The best example of this is our Neco® series. The ready-to-use solutions combine highly specialised robotic expertise with outstanding usability, which allows even small and mid-sized enterprises to create their own robotic-like systems for the fast and uncomplicated automation of their processes – without inordinate expense or expert knowledge. But what does simplicity mean in the specific context of precision gears? What makes a gear unit simple? And how does this affect the performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the gear unit? 

Simplicity is an important success factor

We are aware that not everyone will be able to delve into the technical intricacies of our highly complex cycloidal gear technology. That is why we continuously strive to design systems that are simpler and more intuitive in all respects. Whether production, configuration, assembly or handling: All processes are oriented toward optimal usability, with a full-service support package that leaves nothing to be desired.

Even the search for the right gear is extremely user-friendly. An online product configurator guides you through the order process step by step, providing solid support in the choice and design of the gearbox. All it takes is a few clicks to find the optimal gear for your application. The simplicity concept also has a positive effect on assembly and installation. Special engineering characteristics and support in the form of digital tools greatly simplify and accelerate the process of designing our gears. A QR code on the gearboxes gives you direct access to manual videos, operating instructions and live support. Easy-to-understand data visualisations provide a quick overview of all relevant key insights.

How the simplicity concept benefits you:

  • Intuitive handling 
  • User-friendly assembly
  • Minimal susceptibility to faults
  • Efficient processes
  • Uncomplicated automation
  • Reduced complexity of the overall system
  • More reliability

The Neco® series: Complex technology with a simple design 

Our Neco® gears make things especially easy for you. The aspect of simplicity was already central in the development stage. We consistently focused on the most important requirements of our customers and eliminated everything that was not absolutely necessary. This focus on perfection resulted in a very economical solution, with no compromises regarding the technical specifications.

Neco® gears are delivered ready to install, for integration in the drive train as plug & play components that are designed for intuitive handling. The radial locking ring and bearing-mounted input pinion eliminate the need to align the drive pinion. This greatly simplifies the process of mounting the motor. You only have to join the gearbox and motor and tighten the radial locking ring – then you’re ready to go. The number of interfaces has been reduced to a minimum. Instead of using a separate interface to connect each motor type, a flexible system with modular sleeves and flanges guarantees easy adaptation of all standard servo motors. That is simplicity at its best.

The high precision and power density of Neco® gears ensure precisely executed motions for pin-point positioning of components, workpieces and tools – also at high acceleration torques, under heavy loads or in hygiene-critical environments. The series comprises high-precision servo gears with a modern, clean design (Neco®) as well as robust high-torque gears for heavy-duty applications (Neco®HT).

Neco® and Neco®HT at a glance:

  • Extreme precision (hysteresis loss = 0.5 arc.min)
  • High level of modularity
  • Ready to install and user-friendly
  • Maximum flexibility in motor connection
  • Minimal engineering and installation expense
  • Durable, low-maintenance construction
  • Economical plug-and-play solution
  • Product portfolio with an extensive range of sizes
  • Series production up to the largest sizes

Would you like to learn more about simplicity and the positive aspects of this principle for automation? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

Are you interested in the Neco® series and the advantages of these gears for your application? Click here for more information!