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Press release | Ready for new challenges - Nabtesco: The future is innovation

As the world’s biggest and most trusted manufacturer of cycloidal gears, Nabtesco enhances automation with sustainable drive concepts and implements solutions that set standards with respect to performance, efficiency and user convenience. In 2022 customers can expect numerous innovations and a capable partner one can count on, also in times of crisis.

The automation experts at Nabtesco have big plans for the new year. The agenda includes, for example, new sizes of the successful Neco® gears, systematic expansion of the product pallet, modularisation of existing gear series, construction of a new production site in Japan, and additional investments in qualified specialists. The company will also continue its pioneering research and development activities for improving the precision of robots via robotic control (in cooperation with the controller expert KEBA) and in the area of electromechanical steering systems for autonomous commercial vehicles. 

Robot technology for mechanical engineering

At present, Nabtesco is best known as a supplier of major robot manufacturers. In addition to excellent performance in robots, however, the drive systems also enhance peripherals and numerous other high-tech applications. Especially for automation in small and medium enterprises, cycloidal gear technology can truly boost efficiency, since the high precision and power density of the gearboxes makes it possible to shorten processing times, improve product quality, increase productivity and reduce costs. In 2022 Nabtesco therefore plans to focus on mechanical engineering by providing the sector with successful robotics technology to open up new opportunities for machine builders to gain a competitive edge.

Positive outlook

“We are well prepared for 2022 and confident about the prospects for the new year. We started investing early on and have expanded our capacities substantially. This will allow us to optimally meet the increasing demand for automation components, also in times of crisis – as opposed to much of the competition”, says Daniel Obladen, Head of Sales General Industries at Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH, adding: “We know how important such issues as availability, reliability and efficiency are to our customers, especially in these challenging times; we are a partner they can count on to help them grow.”

Expanding customer proximity

Nabtesco already maintains close, stable relations to its customers, suppliers and business partners. In the future, the gear specialist with European headquarters in Düsseldorf will intensify this proximity and continuously strive to make the company’s products and online services even simpler and more convenient to use.