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Press release | The Nabtesco year of 2022: Innovation, anniversary, and transformation

2022 was an eventful year for Nabtesco. Aside from the 30th anniversary, the topics that took centre stage were digital transformation as well as stability and dependability. The cycloidal gear specialist stood firmly by their customers and lent their reliable support to businesses operating in the fields of robotics and mechanical engineering with innovative, powerful and custom-fit drive solutions.

Focus on stability and dependability

Digital twins of precision gearboxes, plug-and-play high-torque gears for heavy loads (Neco®HT), and steering drives for autonomous commercial vehicles: In 2022, Nabtesco captured attention by unveiling a multitude of technical highlights. Offering answers related to such key future topics as predictive maintenance, modularisation, digital transformation and autonomous driving, the solutions introduced by Nabtesco epitomise the company’s great innovative prowess.

Dependable partner for robotics and automation

Operating from their European headquarters in Düsseldorf, the gear specialist is the world’s biggest manufacturer of precision cycloidal gears and global market leader in the field of robotic gears, which makes the company a highly sought-after partner for robotics and automation. Factors of key importance in these areas are stability, reliability and availability. The significance of these factors was never more apparent than in the crisis year of 2022. “We invested early on in our technologies, locations, infrastructure, and employees. This put us in a position to keep serving our customers as a reliable partner and accompany their growth with great success despite all the macro-economic challenges the year 2022 presented us with”, underscores Daniel Obladen, Head of Sales General Industries at Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH.

Mid-sized enterprises increasingly rely on cycloidal gears

Our production facilities already churn out over a million gears each year. The completed construction of a third production site in Hamamatsu (Japan) has set the company on a path to double their production output to two million precision gears by 2030 – ideal prerequisites for satisfying the surging demand for automation solutions. This expansion has been justified by the fact that high-performance cycloidal gears and Nabtesco's user-friendly drive concepts are no longer limited to the field of robotics, but are becoming increasingly popular with small and mid-sized enterprises (SME) as well. "In light of the escalating shortage of skilled labour, the pressure on mid-sized companies to further automate is rising. Our cycloidal gears offer effortless application and make a substantial contribution to increasing productivity and lowering cost. These attributes make them an ideal solution for handling, assembly, packaging or palletizing”, explains Daniel Obladen.

An evolving enterprise: 30 years of Nabtesco Precision GmbH

In 2022, Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH celebrated their 30th anniversary. The past three decades were shaped by constant growth and change – and the journey is far from over. In a bid to keep up with the breakneck pace of technological advancement in the digital age, Nabtesco unwaveringly stays on their course of transformation. Collaborations with such technology partners as KEBA and adcos have paved the way for the transfiguration from a mechanics specialist to a digital player. “We never standstill, but constantly advance in our development. That holds true to both our product portfolio and our Nabtesco team, which we wish to grow further in 2023”, emphasises Daniel Obladen and adds: “Whatever the upcoming year may bring: We will be where our customers are and will do our utmost to satisfy their needs and requirements.”