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Hollow shaft with full performance | Hollow shaft gearboxes from Nabtesco

Whether the requirement is for highly integrable component sets, servo gearboxes or robust powerhouses: Nabtesco, the world’s largest manufacturer of cycloidal gearboxes, offers an extensive selection of hollow shaft gearboxes that fulfil the most stringent requirements for precision, dynamics, lightweight construction and compactness.

The hollow shaft allows the uncomplicated and space-saving feedthrough of cables and hoses through the inside of the cycloidal gearbox

If an application requires an especially lightweight construction or the routing of cables and hoses, design engineers generally use hollow shaft gearboxes. Although they are somewhat larger than solid shaft gearboxes with the same torque specifications, they offer decisive advantages in many cases. The hollow shaft reduces the weight significantly while providing a space-saving method for feeding data and supply cables, as well as drive shafts through the middle of the gearbox. Hollow shaft gearboxes also have larger main bearings than gearboxes with a solid shaft, which increases their load-bearing capacity.

Cycloidal gearboxes with a hollow shaft

Hollow shaft gears from Nabtesco feature high torque capacity, enormous shock load resistance (up to five times the rated torque), and minimum backlash throughout the entire life cycle (hysteresis loss < 1 arcmin). In addition, the two-stage reduction principle of the precision gearboxes results in excellent performance with respect to dynamics and smooth operation, as well as high repeat and path accuracy. The integrated angular ball bearings absorb both axial and radial loads as well as bending moments, for increased torsional rigidity and resistance to impacts and overloads. Another advantage is that the hollow shaft does not remain rigid, but instead is designed to rotate at the output speed. This makes it possible to determine the position of the drive shaft by means of a sensor on the hollow shaft.

RV-C: lightweight

In robotics, the highly integrable component sets of the RV-C series have proven themselves especially well. Despite the compact design and reduced weight they offer high performance, as well as high torsional and tilting rigidity. The hollow shaft is designed with a diameter of 138 mm to offer plenty of space for power and data cables, or also for supply lines for painting or welding robots, for example. Positioning, locking and switching applications in other industries likewise benefit from the outstanding properties of the high-precision RV-C gearboxes.

RD_-C: versatile

The servo gearboxes of the RD_-C series are available in three versions and are therefore suitable for versatile use – from machining centres to applications in robotics and woodworking technology. While the RDR-C series is designed for right-angle mounting, the RDS-C series is suitable for straight mounting and the RDP-C is the pulley input option. All RD_-C gearboxes feature a built-in adapter plate for the motor as well as a motor shaft coupling for servo motors. This reduces the time needed for design and assembly.

RS: powerful

Nabtesco developed the RS series especially for positioning of heavy loads. The robust precision gearboxes are designed for axial loads up to 9 t and are ideal for use in rotary indexers and positioners, but also perform very well in machining centres, welding positioners and large robots. The cast iron base can easily be mounted to the floor to ensure stability. The motor is mounted at a right angle for easy access. A new addition to the series is the RS-50A for loads up to 1,500 kg.

Hollow shaft gearboxes from Nabtesco are lightweight and compact, yet they are designed to withstand high torques and high loads in order to deliver exceptional performance and high precision in a rugged construction. Ideal for demanding drive tasks.