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Packaging with precision | Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco for packaging technology

With an extensive portfolio of high-precision products, broad expertise and a high level of engineering competence the cycloidal gear specialist Nabtesco is an ideal partner for the packaging industry. The company’s compact drive solutions are designed for high power density, which makes them ideal for use in packaging machines, filling systems and picking systems, as well as handling and palletising robots.

In order to remain internationally competitive, packaging technology must be highly productive, economical and reliable. The constantly evolving applications are characterised by high dynamism, speed and precision. This is also reflected in the installed components, especially with respect to the gearboxes: Packaging systems require efficient, high-performance drive systems that ensure motions and positioning of utmost precision – also in conditions with high acceleration torques and heavy loads, or in hygiene-critical environments. Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco make a big difference here. They are designed for high precision and power density, which makes them ideal for high-performance packaging lines.


Cycloidal gears for packaging technology

Nabtesco gears are very precise, robust and reliable – all in a compact design. The two-stage reduction principle results in excellent performance with respect to dynamics and smooth operation, as well as high repeat and path accuracy. The integrated angular ball bearings absorb axial and radial loads, as well as bending moments, which makes the gears highly resistant to impacts and overloads. In addition, their lightweight design ensures lower inertia, improves load conditions and reduces power consumption. That makes cycloidal gears superior to conventional solutions consisting of chain, belt or crank drive systems traditionally designed with worm gears, spur gears or planetary gears. Especially the RF-P and RH-N series have proven themselves in the highly dynamic pick & place, handling and positioning applications of the packaging industry.

RF-P: High Speed auf engstem Raum

Die Vollwellengetriebe der RF-P-Serie wurden speziell für dynamische Anwendungen auf kleinstem Raum konzipiert. Sie ermöglichen schnelle Taktzeiten sowie hohe Abtriebsgeschwindigkeiten von 200 min-1 und setzen damit Maßstäbe in der High-Speed-Verpackung. Mit einer Lebensdauer von bis zu 20.000 Betriebsstunden sind sie darüber hinaus sehr langlebig. Dank ihrer Kombination aus hoher Dynamik, extremer Präzision sowie kompakter Konstruktion ist die RF-P-Baureihe wie geschaffen für den Einsatz in Handling- und Positioniersystemen wie beispielsweise SCARA-, Delta- und Palettierrobotern.

RF-P: High speed in a compact space

The solid shaft gearboxes of the RF-P series were specially developed for dynamic applications with very limited space. They enable fast cycle times and high output speeds of 200 rpm and therefore are setting standards in high-speed packaging processes. With a life of up to 20,000 hours of operation they are also extremely durable. The combination of high dynamics, extreme precision and a compact design make the RF-P series ideal for use in handling and positioning systems, such as SCARA, Delta and palletising robots.

Custom gears

The cycloidal gear specialist with European headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany develops all solutions in cooperation with the customer and tailors them to the particular application. The interdisciplinary local engineering team is able to implement customer projects across departments within a short time frame.