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High-precision machining | Nabtesco cycloidal gears for machine tools

Nabtesco, the world’s biggest manufacturer of cycloidal gears, offers efficient, high-tech solutions for machine tools. The gearboxes feature high precision throughout the life cycle, high torsional rigidity, and high reduction ratios, which increases the efficiency of machines many times over.

In view of growing requirements for positioning accuracy and fatigue properties in machine tool manufacturing conventional gear solutions often come up against limiting factors. This is where Nabtesco gears are setting new standards. Their special construction makes them very rigid and robust, and they also are capable of high reduction ratios in a compact design. The advantage of a high reduction ratio is a very low moment of inertia between the application and the motor. This improves the control quality of the motor and reduces the risk of vibrations in the drive train. The results are highly dynamic positioning operations, with no backlash. This reduces auxiliary times and increases the efficiency of the machining process.

High-precision cycloidal gears for machine tools

Whether for CNC machines, machining centres or flexible production cells: Nabtesco offers the right gear solution for every application. The high torsional rigidity and long-lasting precision of cycloidal gears can help to minimise tool changes, for example. Another important application is in loading and unloading systems, where Nabtesco can use its experience in robotics to good advantage. The gear specialist with its European headquarters in Düsseldorf is the world market leader in the area of robotic gears, and therefore possesses special expertise that is also useful to machine tool manufacturers. For example, the special robotic gear solutions from Nabtesco help engineers to develop systems that enable simultaneous loading and unloading during production time.

Optional rotating housing

Tool chain and disk changers additionally benefit from gearbox solutions with a rotating housing. In this design, the gearbox housing rotates instead of the driveshaft as in conventional solutions. This offers substantial advantages especially in applications with limited space, due to the smaller machine footprint and the ability to set up several changers next to each other. The even-numbered reduction speed ratio also ensures simple and precise positioning of the tool change positions. The result: more efficient machine tools due to a faster tool changer.

A real alternative to direct drive systems

Their outstanding properties – high precision throughout the entire life cycle, high torsional rigidity, and high reduction ratios – make Nabtesco gearboxes a real alternative to direct drive solutions. Direct drives require a high investment on the part of the customer (due to the high purchase price and maintenance costs) and also have a high requirement for resources such as electrical energy. Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco are an attractive alternative in terms of both technology and efficiency.

The perfect gear solution for every application

Nabtesco has standard gearbox solutions that are especially suitable for use in machine tool manufacturing. In addition, the company offers custom tailored gearboxes developed in close cooperation with the customer for the particular application.