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Precise spot welding - Nabtesco high-performance cycloidal gears for welding applications

For use in welding robots or positioners in welding systems Nabtesco, the world’s biggest manufacturer of cycloidal gears and the market leader in the field of robotics, offers high-performance gear solutions that feature maximum precision, dynamics and robustness.

High-precision cycloidal gears for precise spot welding

For welding applications Nabtesco offers high-performance gears that feature maximum precision, dynamics and robustness. Read more.

The cycloidal design makes Nabtesco gears very precise, dynamic, durable and compact. They enable fast acceleration and braking, in addition to high-precision positioning with backlash of less than one arcminute. This makes it possible to weld spots – even complex geometrical structures – within a tolerance of hundredths of millimetres, without having to reclamp the workpiece. In addition, the gears are not affected by vibrations and can withstand high impact loads (up to 5 times the rated torque).

In particular the hollow shaft gears of the RS, RV-C and RD_-C series, due to their high precision, dynamics and reliability, have withstood the test of time in countless welding applications around the world. The large hollow shaft provides sufficient space for cables and supply lines. The inside of the cycloidal gear is specially designed to provide optimal protection of the cables and supply lines against external influences.

The RS series: An ideal solution for positioners and rotary tables

The gears of the RS series are designed for axial loads up to 9 t and high-precision positioning of extremely heavy loads. The cast iron base can easily be mounted to the floor to ensure stability. The motor is mounted at a right angle for easy access. The sturdy, robust design and the high load-bearing capacity of RS eccentric gears make them superior to conventional camshaft gears and worm gears – ideal for use in rotary tables and positioners.

The RV-C series: Powerhouses with maximum precision

Component sets of the RV-C series are the first choice for demanding applications that require high precision. They feature high torsional and tilting rigidity, in addition to excellent repeat and path accuracy. The large, integrated angular contact ball bearings in the gears absorb high forces and moments, and also extend the service life. This eliminates the need for the customer to provide bearings, as well as the production costs for the bearing mounts.

The RD_-C series: As diverse as it is powerful

Nabtesco offers the RD_-C series for high-performance and extremely precise servo gears. They are available as coaxial (RDS-C), parallel shaft (RDP-C) and angular gears (RDR-C). Due to their versatility and extremely high performance, the applications are virtually unlimited. Nabtesco delivers the gears of the RD-C series pre-filled with lubricants and completely encapsulated. They feature a built-in adapter plate for the motor as well as a motor shaft coupling for servo motors. This reduces the time needed for design and assembly.

For individual requirements Nabtesco also develops special solutions tailored to the exact requirements of the application, in coordination with the customer.