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As versatile as they are precise - The RD series from Nabtesco is extremely versatile

Nabtesco’s portfolio includes the high-precision, reliable and compact servo gearboxes of the RD series, which are used in numerous applications due to their versatility and high performance. They are fully enclosed and ready for fast and easy mounting.

[Translate to english:] Eine Besonderheit der RD_-C-Serie ist die großzügig dimensionierte Hohlwelle. Sie dreht sich konstruktionsbedingt mit der Abtriebsdrehzahl mit und bietet ausreichend Platz für Kabel, Schläuche und Leitungen

The gearboxes of the RD series feature a very compact design, high shock resistance, and extremely low backlash of less than one arcminute. They enable high speeds and accelerations, in addition to outstanding positioning and rotation speed accuracy – which makes them ideal for use in highly dynamic applications.

Präzise und flexibel: Dank drei Anbauvarianten sind die Vollwellengetriebe der RD_-E-Serie von Nabtesco besonders vielseitig einsetzbar

High performance
Inside, the servo gearboxes are equipped with extremely high-performance RV gears of the latest generation. As a result of the cycloidal design these gearboxes need no gear teeth in the output stage, and are not subjected to any shear forces. That makes them exceptionally efficient, very precise and extremely robust. The integrated angular ball bearings absorb both axial and radial loads as well as bending moments, for increased torsional rigidity and high resistance to impacts and overloads (up to 5 times the rated torque).

Broad range of applications
Three mounting versions enable numerous application options, such as in the choice of the servo motor. While the RDR series is designed for right-angle mounting, the RDS series is suitable for straight mounting, and the RDP is the pulley input option. Due to their versatility and high performance the applications are virtually unlimited – from machine tools to applications in robotics, from packaging machines to medical technology and every type of handling application.

Nabtesco’s RD gearboxes are pre-filled with lubricant at the factory and are fully encapsulated (gear heads). They are designed for fast and easy integration in the drive train and can be operated with all standard servo motors. Design and assembly costs are reduced substantially by the integrated motor adapter plate and motor shaft coupling for servo motors.

Hollow shaft gearboxes for feed-through of cables and hoses
Nabtesco offers the RD series both with a solid shaft (RD_-E) and a hollow shaft (RD_-C). The large size of the hollow shaft facilitates the feed-through of cables and hoses – such as data cables and supply lines, laser beams and also drive shafts – through the centre of the cycloidal gearbox. Instead of remaining rigid, the shaft is designed to rotate at the output speed. The advantage of this is that the position of the drive shaft can be determined directly by a sensor on the hollow shaft.

Custom tailored gearbox solutions
Whether the requirement is for a solid or hollow shaft, a coaxial, parallel shaft or angular gearbox: The combination of precision, dynamics and versatility makes the RD gearboxes suitable for a broad range of applications. For individual requirements Nabtesco, in coordination with the customer, develops custom solutions that are tailored to the exact requirements of the application.