Component sets
High speed and precision under high loads

Precise, reliable and powerful

Nabtesco component sets stand for maximum precision, extremely low vibrations and low inertia. Our ingenious two-stage cycloidal design makes the gears insensitive to shock loads and allows high torques. The force transmission via rollers guaranteed high efficiency ratio of up to 85 percent and a long service life. The component sets of the RV-C and RV-N series also feature integrated angular ball bearings. Hence, there is no need for the customer to provide bearings, as well as the manufacturing costs for the bearing mounts.

The most important advantages of Nabtesco component sets for your application:


Our component sets feature double-sided support and the unique design principle of our cycloidal gears allows high torques in a compact design.


Nabtesco precision gears are designed for extremely high shock loads (up to 5 times the rated torque) and torsional rigidity. Our virtually backlash-free gears (< 1 arcmin) feature high precision and low wear with a long service life and high efficiency ratio.


Nabtesco component sets feature two-stage reduction and very low vibrations. They have integrated angular ball bearings and very low inertia, as well as low starting torque.

Do you have specific technical specifications for the gearbox solution? With our Quickfinder you will find the optimum gear with just a few clicks.

Our component sets at a glance


The RV-C series features a hollow shaft with a diameter of up to 138 mm. This allows the feed-through of data cables and supply lines.

Hollow shaft component set
T: 98 – 11.760 Nm

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We developed the RV-N series as a very compact, lightweight and high-performance solid shaft gear. These gears are used in applications with limited space that require high torque performance.

Solid shaft component set
T: 245 – 7.000 Nm
i: 41 – 203,52

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The RV series represents the “basis” of our entire product line. These are component sets without integrated angular ball bearings, which makes them especially compact. The gear sets can be combined with different external output bearings.

Solid shaft component set
Without output bearing
T: 137 – 5.390 Nm
i: 57 – 192,4

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The RF-P series is a completely new development! Due to their high output speed, these component sets are ideal for highly dynamic pick & place, handling and positioning applications. They are used especially in arm axes of Delta and SCARA robots or in the wheel drives of driverless transport systems.

Solid shaft component set
High output speed
T: 190 – 320 Nm
i: 31 – 56
n: bis 200 min-1

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