Lubricants for your gears

For long life and high precision

Our gearheads are filled at the factory with the optimal lubricant and sealed, so they are ready for installation when they are delivered to our customers. The gears can therefore be installed directly in the machine or system as a plug-and-play solution. 

  • RV Oil SB150 – the gear oil for high RPMs
  • Vigogrease RE 0 – the state-of-the-art lubricating grease for especially smooth operation
  • Molywhite Grease RE 00 – the time-proven classic with excellent wear resistance
  • H1-lubricants – the solution for food and beverage production


NEW: synthetic gear oil RV Oil SB150

Perfect for high RPMs: We have responded to the request of numerous customers for an oil as a high-performance alternative to lubricating grease and we now offer RV Oil SB150, a synthetic gear oil that perfectly fulfils the requirements of the market. In collaboration with users and one of Germany’s renowned research institutes we developed the lubricating oil with consideration for high-speed applications, long-term stability and use at high temperatures. These requirements were verified through extensive testing and analysis, as well as numerous field tests. The gear oil features a significantly better thermal capacity than lubricating grease and enables the homogeneous distribution of heat in the gear – which produces an efficient cooling effect.


RV Oil SB150 is available in pack sizes of 20 l and 200 l as well as in IBCs with 1000 l.




for use in cycloidal gears in robotics and machine tool construction, and other demanding applications.




for long-term stability and high precision throughout the service life of the gear.




Enables fast lubricant change in the field and enables faster filling during initial assembly.



Vigogrease RE 0

State of the art: Vigogrease RE 0 is the advanced development of our lubricant Molywhite RE 00. Like the time-proven Molywhite, Vigogrease RE 0 is a combination of synthetic and mineral oils, in addition to lithium grease EP additives. Due to the new, optimized formula, however, Vigogrease RE 0 has a higher viscosity. This allowed us to improve the shear stability and the thermal behaviour of the gear. Despite the high viscosity, the starting efficiency of Vigogrease has increased by 5 % over that of Molywhite.

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Delivery forms and container sizes:

  • 400 g tube
  • 2 kg can
  • 16 kg bucket
  • 170 kg drum

Molywhite Grease RE 00

Our classic: The Nabtesco lubricant Molywhite Grease RE 00 is an EP lithium-based grease with excellent wear resistance. It is based on a combination of synthetic and mineral oils with an organic molybdenum compound. The lubricant features an excellent pressure profile. Due to its low viscosity, Molywhite RE 00 easily flows into every crevice of the RV gear’s complex lubrication system. This ensures high performance of the gear for increased efficiency and a longer life.


Since 2008 we fill our gears only with the Molywhite successor Vigogrease RE 0. However, you can still purchase Molywhite Grease RE 00 from us! In addition, used Molywhite can be mixed with Vigogrease.

Delivery forms and container sizes:

  • 400 g tube
  • 2 kg can
  • 16 kg bucket
  • 170 kg drum


RV Oil SB150: the optimal lubricant for your application







H1 lubricants

On request we can also fill our gears with H1 lubricants. These food-compliant lubricants allow safe use of the gears in the production of foods and beverages.


Here you can download our safety data sheets


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