Rotary indexers
Strong, precise and compact

Rotary indexer or positioner?

  • Axial load capacity: 14,700 N – 88,200 N
  • Precision: Hysteresis loss < 1 arcmin
  • High torsional rigidity for exact positioning in dynamic cycles
  • Very robust
  • The innovative alternative to servo driven rotary indexers

Rotary indexers and positioners are additional external robot axes for positioning of workpieces. A positioner normally has several axes, for example one for turning and one for pivoting the workpieces. The rotary movement is generally carried out by rotary indexers. Rotary indexers are therefore often installed as components in positioners. If the application requires a pivot axis, the tables can also be used separately. Conventional rotary indexers are usually equipped with worm gearboxes, which show signs of wear over time, due to their inherent design. Cycloidal gearboxes on the other hand are designed to operate with very little wear and with extremely low backlash of less than one arcminute. Even after extended periods the increase in backlash is negligible.

The two-stage reduction ratio of cycloidal gearboxes is what makes Nabtesco solutions so successful. The reason: The speed is reduced by the double cam. The two-stage reduction principle and the low mass inertia minimize vibrations. In addition, the eccentric roller construction achieves very even distribution of the force, which ensures minimal hysteresis losses and enormous resistance to shock loads.

Precise positioning



High repeat accuracy



Low wear



We developed the gear heads of the RS gearboxes especially for positioning very heavy loads. The robust precision gearboxes with a hollow shaft are designed for axial loads up to 9 t and feature a compact construction, outstanding torque performance, and high positioning accuracy. These features make the RS gearboxes ideal not only for use in rotary indexers and positioners, but also present a real alternative to conventional rotary indexers.

The RSX-40K rotary indexer

Our many years of experience with extreme precision and high payloads are used to good advantage also in the RSX-40K rotary indexer. Because the rotary indexers also use the same mode of operation that has ensured high precision throughout the life cycle of robots since 1982.
The variable positioner unit is designed for maximum precision, a high load-bearing capacity and a long life. The rotary indexer positions workpieces with extremely low backlash and can easily handle payloads of up to 4 t. This makes it possible to weld spots within a tolerance of hundredths of millimetres, without having to reclamp the workpiece. The additional pivot axis allows the user to adjust the positioning to his individual requirements. This ensures an ergonomic workplace.

Do you have specific technical specifications for the gearbox solution? With our Quickfinder you will find the optimum gearbox with just a few clicks.

Discover our RS gearboxes


We designed the RS gearboxes especially for the reliable and precise positioning of heavy loads of up to 9 t. The cast iron base ensures stable and durable floor mounting. their high performance and precision make them superior to conventional worm gearboxes and camshaft gearboxes.

Hollow shaft gearhead
Integrated rectangular gear
T: 480 – 8,820 Nm
i: 100 – 240

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