Solid shaft gearheads

Powerhouses for machine tools

RA-EA and RA-EC gears are specially designed for positioning magazines in machine tools. A motor flange or pinion enables their rapid and simple integration in tool-changing systems for disc and chain magazines (ATC – Automatic Tool Changer).

Solid shaft precision gears, cost-effective installation

High shock-load capability (up to 5 times the rated torque), high rigidity

High precision (hysteresis loss < 1 arcmin), low inertia

Easy to integrate

The precision gears of the RA-EA/EC series offer impressive rigidity and shock-load capability (up to 5 times the rated torque). Their precision, with a hysteresis loss of less than 1 arcmin, is likewise unusually high. Users also benefit from low mass inertia and cost-effective installation in the machine tool or pallet changer system.

Applications for RA-EA/EC solid shaft gearheads

Machine tool building

Magazine drives and handling of very large loads


Accurate positioning during assembly processes - ergonomic, economical and individual

Technical data

Specifications of RA-EA, RA-EC

Model RA-20EA / 20EC40EA / 40EC80EA / 80EC160EA / 160EC
Standard ratioEA180 / 104 / 120 / 16080 / 104 / 120 / 15280 / 100 / 120 / 15280 / 100 / 128 / 144 / 170
EC281 / 105 / 121 / 16181 / 105 / 121 / 15381 / 101 / 121 / 15381 / 101 / 129 / 145 / 171
Rated torque (Nm)1674127841,568
Allowable acc. / dec. torque (Nm)4121,0291,9603,920
Emergency stop torque (Nm)8332,0583,9207,840
Max. speed switching operation (rpm)75707045
Hysteresis loss (arcmin)<1.0<1.0<1.0<1.0
Torsional rigidity (Nm / arcmin)49108196392
Moment rigidity (Nm / arcmin)8821,6662,1563,920
Main bearing
Allowable moment (Nm)1,7643,3324,3127,840
Axial load (N)3,9205,1947,84014,700
1EA = case rotation / 2EC = shaft rotation


Dimensions of RA-EA

Model RA-20EA40EA80EA160EA
Weight (kg)14253577
A (Ø mm)175230260325
B h7 (Ø mm)140180210270
C (Ø mm)100140170180
D (Ø mm)145190222280
E h7 (Ø mm)124160190240
F (mm)17141615
G (mm)93.6119.1127171
H (mm)47.563.555.259.9
I (mm)24.5243760.5
J (mm)10131418
K (mm)20141538
L (mm)10101015
M (°)60604530
N (Ø mm)160210240300
O (Ø mm)6xØ96xØ118xØ1112xØ13

Dimensions of RA-EC

Model RA-20EC40EC80EC160EC
Weight (kg)14253571
A (Ø mm)150192226290
B h7 (Ø mm)145190222280
C (Ø mm)124160190240
D (Ø mm)110140170210
E h7 (Ø mm)405080100
F (mm)59.16577108
G (mm)59787288.5
H (mm)32373342.5
I (mm)24.5243760.5
J (mm)20241520
K (mm)25384033
L (mm)10101010
M (mm)10101015
N (mm)6668
O (°)30302037,5
P (Ø mm)90110136180
Q (Ø mm)4xM106xM129xM126xM16


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CAD data

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