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Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco are used in diverse industries

A look at the diverse applications in which Nabtesco gears are used shows that they cut a good figure – and not only on paper. Whether in robotics or packaging technology, welding, handling or machine tools, antenna construction or medical technology: Our precision gears are used in applications that require exact positioning and absolute reliability.


Delta, SCARA and 6-axis robots for painting systems, assembly, PCBs and machine tools


Highly dynamic pick & place applications with SCARA and Delta robots

Machine tool building

Magazine drives and handling of very large loads

Packaging technology

Pick & place and palletising – also in the food industry

Medical technology

Imaging processes such as X-ray, MRI or ultrasonic examinations


Accurate positioning during assembly processes - ergonomic, economical and individual


Positioners and rotary tables for the precise alignment of workpieces

Logistics & transport

Specific drive concepts for a wide range of applications like automated guided vehicles

Antenna construction

Adjustment of large parabolic antennas for communication with near-Earth satellites


How to build a robot?

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