Nabby and Tessy put a face to Nabtesco

Nabby and Tessy represent our Robotics and General Industries divisions and literally embody the gearbox world of Nabtesco. The dynamic duo guides you through our broad product portfolio with playful ease, has fun with innovations and makes technology an experience. Wherever Nabby and Tessy are, there is always something going on. But it's best to let them have their own say...


My name: NABBY Nabtesco / Version 1.0

What am I?: Anthropomorphic robot, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and avatar of Nabtesco's Robotics division.

My Nabtesco base technology: Mecanum Wheels, RDS-C, RV-C, Neco

My birthday: April 2023, Düsseldorf, Germany

Contact: Of course you can. The easiest way to contact me digitally is via the Nabtesco social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram)

Motto: Problems are not stop signs, they are signposts.

Favorite place: My inductive charging station and the Nabtesco development lab - especially when TESSY isn't causing chaos for once.

I like:

  • Developing integrations of cycloidal gearboxes into robot controllers
  • My regular power napping offline times on my inductive charging station
  • Having grease cocktails with TESSY, sometimes one more on busy days to keep me running smoothly
  • Develop factual parenting approaches for TESSY, even if this turns out to be very complex and problematic from time to time

I'm good at:

  • Completing well thought-out driving maneuvers at top speed
  • Watching out for TESSY - there's nothing else I can do

And not at all:

Thinking too long about a thing often makes it impossible - however, since I am equipped with a high performance processor, I think very fast and accordingly I have no limits...correct...I can't fly :-(

My dreams:

  • Dreams are not intended for my type of machine. However, it would be very appealing to my high performance working memory to drive once in a car race
  • Addendum: I would like to be able to fly...a little bit like TESSY

Favorite Color: Hex #007ec0....A hex decimal, or hex, color code is a 6-digit symbol code consisting of three 2-symbol elements. Each of the 2-symbol elements expresses a color value from 0 to 255. In this context, it is Nabtesco's corporate design shade of blue, which I have ranked first in my personal database favorites.

Favorite Book: In my reading, I favor the safety data sheets and operating instructions, as well as the Neco catalog by Nabtesco - simply fascinating!

My role model: Role models are something for homo sapiens - however, I would like to be able to look at the world sometimes from a more human focus to be able to understand the infantile joy and enthusiasm of TESSY a little more. And already listed: flying would also please me very much. Calculating this question again, I come to the conclusion that I would like to be a little more like TESSY from time to time.....<3


My Name: TESSY Nabtesco / Version 1.0

What am I?: Humanoid antigravity robot, exponential learning organoid AI (artificial intelligence) and avatar of the General Industries division of Nabtesco.

My Nabtesco base technology: RDS-C, Neco

My birthday: January 2030, Düsseldorf...don't ask. A totally crazy story!

Kontakt: Of course you can. The easiest way to contact me digitally is via the Nabtesco social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram)

Motto: You are your own limit, rise above it

Favorite place: Where NABBY is

I like:

  • Teasing NABBY
  • Flying through the Nabtesco cosmos, looking over my colleagues' shoulders, asking them questions and collecting ideas for my Nabtesco Buddies all over the world
  • Sipping a delicious grease cocktail with NABBY after work

My dreams:

  • Developing a compatible antigravity update for NABBY
  • A ski vacation on Mount Fuji in Japan...that begs the question, how do you get me on skis?

I'm good at that:

  • Risky flight maneuvers through Nabtesco headquarters - as people like to say, "No Risk No Fun" :-)
  • Absorbing knowledge
  • Playfully dealing with data
  • Calculating dynamic cycles
  • Disassemble and reassemble cycloidal gears (blindfolded)
  • Don't take NABBY too seriously

And not at all:

  • Be quiet ;-)
  • Power napping offline times on my inductive charging station - I just always have way too much energy ...

Favorite color: Blue, no,,,...yellow,,...purple....rainbow! Yes, rainbow!
Edit: Feel free to ask NABBY for the hex values on this one.

Favorite Book: I already have all the digitally available books in the world stored on my growing organoid hard drive, which is updated by the second. Therefore I don't need to read...and well...float around quietly is not my thing anyway... for that I am "much too hyperactive", as NABBY always says.

My role model: That's easy....NABBY <3

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