Customised solutions

Precisely what you need, in the shortest of time frames

From the beginning we have developed and produced custom products for the individual requirements of our clients. Today, we are going even one step further with customising.

Whether it is a drive train or a cover, a motor flange or an input gear: there are many details which one can adapt in order to match our gears exactly to your application. With a team of experienced development engineers and our service team in Düsseldorf we can implement all these requirements quickly and professionally.

Know how

Often the right combination of existing components is all you need. In such cases, we can supply you with installation-ready configurations directly from our warehouse.

In other cases it is necessary to alter spurs, holding bores, covers or drives in order to satisfy the special requirements of your machine or robotics application. Here, our designers take responsibility for the engineering and develop a custom solution together with you.

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