RV-ZTM series

Solid and hollow shaft component sets

Developed for large-scale robotics projects

The component sets of the new RV-ZTM series (Zeta series) were specially developed to meet the requirements of robot manufacturers. They offer up to 20 percent higher bending and torsional rigidity than previous robotic gears and are designed for a high level of modularity. The result: unprecedented precision as well as maximum flexibility and availability. Currently the Zeta series is intended exclusively for large-scale projects in the field of robotics.

Our products of RV-ZTMseries

RV-Z (open shaft type)

RV-Z (open shaft type)

RV-Z (flat shaft type)

RV-Z (flat shaft type)





Designed for use in large-scale robotic production

Modular, flexible and efficient 

Up to 20 % higher bending and torsional rigidity

One series for all requirements

The innovative Zeta gears (RV-ZTM series) are based on decades of experience in robotics and set standards with respect to precision and efficiency. In addition to optimised rigidity, they are also unprecedented with respect to their high level of modularity.

The RV-ZTM series comprises solid and hollow shaft gears, and allows for all motor adaptations and mounting options. The modular system means that only one series is needed regardless of the variant: RV-Z - open shaft type (spur gears on output side), RV-Z - flat shaft type (spur gears on drive side), RV-ZC (classic hollow shaft with big center gear) or the economical RV-ZCT variant (without center gear). The ISO flange for the gripper interface is also inherent to the set-up. That guarantees maximum flexibility, availability and efficiency.

Applications for RV-Z TM component sets


Delta, SCARA and 6-axis robots for painting systems, assembly, PCBs and machine tools


How to build a robot?

Whitepaper-Download "6-axis robotic gear design"

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