Precision gearboxes - Component set with solid shaft


Compact construction, reduced weight: ideal for robotics

We developed the gear sets of the RV-N series as very compact, lightweight and high-performance solid shaft gears. These gears are used in applications with limited space that require high torque performance. Perfect for robotics!

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Specification RV-380N

Gear type: Precision gearboxes - Component sets
Output side: Solid shaft
Input side: Coaxial
Hysteresis Loss (arc.min): < 1
Torque Allowed (Nm): 9,310
Outer Diameter (mm): 295
Ratio: 75 | 93 | 117 | 139 | 162 | 185
Torque Rated (Nm): 3,724
Torque Stop (Nm): 18,620
Speed Max (rpm): 27
Rigidity Torsional (Nm/arc.min): 948
Rigidity Moment (Nm/arc.min): 5,200
Moment Allowed (Nm): 7,050
Load Radial (N): 28,325
Load Axial (N): 25,000

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