For ergonomic workplaces

New variable 2-axis positioner for welding applications

Skilled workers in automotive production work many hours every day in a demanding environment. This necessitates an increased focus on workplace ergonomics in the automotive sector. A new variable 2-axis positioner from Nabtesco helps to boost ergonomics: The RSX-40K rotary table allows the operator to move the workpiece or assembly to the optimal height and position for machining.


Exact positioning of the workpiece or assembly for machining


Plug-and-play solution for the constantly increasing demands of automotive production


Can be adapted to the exact personal requirements of different operators

Ergonomic and economical positioning

The RSX-40K variable rotary table features two axes: one for rotating and one for tilting. Both axes are equipped with hollow shafts to enable the feed-through of supply cables for the fixing and clamping devices. The extremely flat rotary table can hold a payload of 4 t and has a positioning accuracy of <1 arcmin. An additional swivel axis provides for even better ergonomics: It enables exact positioning of the workpiece in accordance with the operator’s personal requirements.

The swivel axis also allows tilting of +/- 16°, which enables the system manufacturer to implement the exact height needed for loading of the positioner. The system can therefore be adjusted individually to create an ergonomic workplace for different employees. This results in a substantial competitive advantage over conventional positioning systems.

Technical data

Maximum carrying capacity 4.000 kg
Maximum height of center of gravity 500 mm
Maximum angle of tilt +/- 16°
Weight 649 kg
Reduction speed ratio Rotary axis 1:170
Reduction speed ratio Tilting axis 1:706.5

The RSX-40K variable rotary table at a glance:

  • 2 axes for rotating and tilting
  • Flat design
  • Trouble-free cable guidance
  • Payload of up to 4 t
  • Positioning accuracy of < 1 arcmin
  • Swivel axis can be tilted at an angle of +/- 16°
  • Can be individually adjusted to create ergonomic workplaces for different employees
  • Cycloidal gears

Plug-and-play solution with time-proven Nabtesco gears

The rotary table uses Nabtesco gears that are designed for maximum precision, robustness and durability and have proven themselves a million times over in robotics. These attributes testify to the high standard of quality, which even fulfils the stringent requirements of automotive production. That is why customers have been putting their trust in Nabtesco for more than 25 years when it comes to equipping their production systems.

With the innovative combination of cycloidal gears in a rotary table with an integrated swivel axis, Nabtesco has created a plug-and-play solution that is easy to install and offers customers an attractively priced solution for meeting the constantly increasing demands of automotive production. The positioning system can also be adapted for other welding applications.


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