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News | Safety: Safe gear units for reliable processes

You are not running any risks with the cycloidal gears from Nabtesco. For more than 35 years, the innovative gear systems have been used millions of times worldwide in robotics & automation and are ranked among the finest products of their kind in terms of safety. Ensuring the safe and efficient operation of machines, systems and robots, they form the basis for processes that run smoothly and with perfect reliability.

Are you among those who primarily associate safety with software, sensors and control electronics? Then you should definitely keep reading. Because the topic of security is much more complex than it seems at first glance. The hardware is equally crucial for the safe operation of machines, systems and robots. The key role in this regard is played by the gear units. But, why is that and what is it that makes gear units safe?

Safety: Gear units and functional reliability

Gears transmit and convert torques, rotational speeds and directions, as well as forces, which makes them a central element in the power train of machines, systems and robots. If they fail to perform in a safe and reliable manner, dire consequences may ensue – from unscheduled downtimes to harm to human beings and equipment. Which means: Only if the gears or mechanical drive technology have/has met the demanding requirements of the application can the highest level of safety, functional reliability and process stability be achieved.

Factors that contribute to the safety of the gears:

  • Technical features, e.g. overload capacity, service life, etc.
  • Product quality
  • Rating and engineering
  • Expertise and experience
  • Manufacturing process
  • Design and construction
  • Sourcing and handling


Nabtesco gears are safety fanatics through and through

Holding the rank of the world’s largest and most highly acclaimed manufacturer of precision cycloidal gears and of market leader in the field of robotic gears (market share of more than 60%), Nabtesco is highly familiar with the vast challenges that threaten the safety of products, processes and machines and realises innovative drive solutions with a maximum level of quality, availability, and reliability.


The innovative gear systems have been used a million times over in robotics & automation and have proven themselves successfully in countless applications. They feature high dynamics and precision (max. hysteresis loss of 0.5 to 1 arcmin), minimal wear throughout the service life, outstanding shock resistance (up to 500 % of the rated torque; optionally, up to 800 %), and a high overload capacity (two to three times higher than that of planetary gears). Precision cycloidal gears are ideally suited to reduce risks to a minimum. Ensuring functional reliability paired with a maximum degree of machine and system safety, they form the basis for processes in the manufacturing industry that deliver high performance and are reliable and smooth.


Quality provider, global player, large-scale manufacturer, and safety expert

Worldwide, well over twelve million Nabtesco gear units are in use - with a strongly upward tendency. The number of gear units manufactured each year exceeds one million. The construction of a third production site in Hamamatsu (Japan) will double the company’s production output to two million precision gears by 2030 – an ideal scenario to meet the surging demand for automation solutions. The highly automated production process, which is based on Japanese principles such as poka-yoke (fail-safing) and kaizen (continuous improvement), is oriented toward maximum efficiency and consistently high quality. Prior to delivery, the gears are subjected to a 100% inspection: Each individual gear unit is put through its paces.

Employing a staff of 8,000 worldwide, Nabtesco is part of the Nabtesco Corporation and can utilise a global distributor network, allowing the company to provide fast service and competent advice on site. Another contributing factor to safety.

Nabtesco gears make automation safer:

  • Reliable, long-lasting cycloid gears with uncompromising quality
  • Technology with overload protection: Shock resistance of up to 500 % of the rated torque
  • Minimal susceptibility to faults through the principle of simplicity (reduction of complexity in the overall system)
  • More than 12 million cycloidal gears in use worldwide
  • Production capacity of over 1 million gear units per year, with a goal of 2 million per year by 2030
  • Highly automated manufacturing guaranteed by consistent quality
  • Inspection of all gears prior to delivery
  • Stable delivery times thanks to large production capacity
  • World-wide key account service

Would you like to learn more about the link between gears and safety? Do you wish to make your systems, machines and robots safer? Do not hesitate to contact our experts.