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Robot technology for general mechanical engineering

Especially for automation in general mechanical engineering, cycloidal gear technology is a real efficiency booster, since the high precision and power density of the gearboxes makes it possible to shorten processing times, improve product quality, increase productivity and reduce costs. As an automation specialist Nabtesco delivers flexible, high-performance and future viable solutions that combine excellent performance and cost-effectiveness with maximum user convenience. 


Highly modern gear technology and future viable drive concepts from the world market leader for robot gears


Maximum precision and power density ensure fast processing times, high product quality and low costs


Ready-to-use solutions with intuitive handling and minimal engineering and installation costs 

Substantial increases in performance

Cycloidal gears enable fast and precise positioning motions of high loads without rebounding to ensure pin-point placing and positioning of assemblies, components, workpieces and tools. The special design of cycloidal gears makes them much more precise, dynamic and  rigid than the commonly used rotary indexers, worm gears and planetary gears – which makes it possible to improve efficiency considerably.

Automation with cycloidal gears:

Perfect balance between performance and efficiency | Innovative, extremely high-performance technology | Shorter cycle times, better productivity and higher piece rates at lower costs | Pin-point positioning and placing – also with high acceleration  torques, heavy loads or in hygiene-critical environments | High reliability due to high shock load resistance | Higher flexibility in production | Reduction of costs, minimisation of risks and simplified work processes

Automation made easy

Automation is the key to more productivity, efficiency and flexibility and is necessary for the ability to compete internationally. Nabtesco, the world’s biggest manufacturer of cycloidal gears and the world market leader in the field of robotic gears, supports mechanical engineers with user-friendly, flexible and economic automation solutions. Even small and mid-sized enterprises are able to build their own robotic-related systems and to make advancements in automation, at low cost and without special expertise.

A broad portfolio of precision gears:

  • High-performance and user-friendly cycloidal gears
  • Highly integrable component sets
  • Robust rotary indexers
  • Economical plug-and-play solutions
  • Future viable drive concepts


Cycloidal gears: The key to more efficiency

  • Precise: Hysteresis loss from 0.5 to max. 1 arcmin 
  • Dynamic: High speeds and accelerations
  • Robust: Shock load resistance up to 500 % of the rated torque
  • Reliable: Low wear for a long life
  • Compact: About 50 % shorter than standard planetary gears
  • Controller-independent: Compatible with all standard servo motors
  • High reduction ratio (i = 30:1 to 300:1) with only two or three gear stages
  • User-friendly: Fast integration, no readjustment necessary, uncomplicated to use

Neco®: An economical solution for the highest standards

The compact servo gearboxes of the Neco® series were specially developed for automation tasks in mechanical engineering. They are designed for extremely high efficiency, maximum flexibility and unique usability – benefits that can increase production efficiency by up to 40 percent.

High level of modularity for maximum flexibility Low-inertia locking ring for more dynamic cycles
Clean, enclosed design Full corrosion protection 
Uncomplicated adaptation of all standard servo motors user-friendly configuration and fast installation

Incredibly versatile

  • Highly dynamic servo gearboxes for a diverse range of applications
  • High-performance and flexible
  • Large hollow shaft for feed-through of cables and hoses
  • Three mounting variants:  straight, right-angle, pulley

Specially designed for rotary motions

  • Powerful rotary indexers with a hollow shaft for rotary positioning
  • 5 sizes for loads up to 9 t
  • Reduced cycle times due to high-speed rotation
  • Ideal basis for freely programmable, highly flexible positioning units
  • Sturdy, robust construction

No. 1 for handling & positioning

Whether the requirement is for flexible handling and machining tasks or dynamic pick-and-place applications: With virtually zero backlash, cycloidal gears enable substantially better performance in transmitting motions and forces, which makes them the first choice for all handling and positioning tasks in production, assembly and packaging.

Areas of application:

Assembly systems Workpiece machining
Handling systems Pick-and-place applications
Palletizing Loading and unloading systems
Robot-assisted positioning Magazine actuators
Peripheral equipment      High-speed handling

A strong partner for automation

Highly modern gear technology | Experienced automation specialist | Cycloidal gears for all areas of application | Custom designed, large-scale production | Local engineering in Germany, worldwide support

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