Servo gears

Precision meets dynamics

Servo gears: Precision meets dynamics

Servo gears enable high speeds and accelerations, in addition to high precision with respect to positioning and rotational speed. They also feature high torsional rigidity and low backlash – in order to completely fulfil the requirements of highly dynamic applications.

Nabtesco servo gears are very precise, extremely robust and absolutely reliable – all in a compact design. The two-stage reduction principle results in excellent performance with respect to dynamics and smooth operation, as well as high repeatability and path accuracy. The integrated angular ball bearings absorb axial and radial loads, as well as bending moments, which makes the gears highly resistant to impacts and overloads.

Advantages of servo gears from Nabtesco:

  • Low moment of inertia
  • Low backlash
  • High torsional rigidity
  • Transmission of very high torques due to high acceleration values
  • Low vibrations
  • Designed for a long life and low maintenance
  • Compact and lightweight

We have a suitable precision gear for every servo application

Whether the requirement is for a solid shaft or hollow shaft, a coaxial gear, parallel shaft gear or angular gear: We offer our reliable and compact high-precision servo gears in numerous different versions, and also as application-specific solutions.

As variable speed torque converters, our precision gears are a central component of any servo gear motor. They are designed for fast and easy integration in the drive train and can be operated with all standard servo motors. Design and assembly costs are reduced substantially by the integrated motor adapter plate and motor shaft coupling for servo motors.

Neco®: Function meets style

The Neco® series is setting standards with respect to design, performance and user friendliness. The compact servo gears feature a modern clean gearbox housing, comprehensive corrosion protection, high modularity and maximum flexibility in the motor connection. An economical solution for the most stringent requirements.

More about our Neco® series

Our servo gears for the most stringent requirements

In particular, the servo gears of our RH-N and RD series have proven themselves in diverse applications.

  • Coaxial gears: RH-N (solid shaft), RDS (hollow shaft or solid shaft)
  • Parallel shaft gears: RDP (hollow shaft or solid shaft)
  • Angular gears: RDR (hollow shaft or solid shaft)

In coaxial and parallel shaft gears, the input and output shaft are in the same plane. This produces a straight power flow. In angular gears the input and output shaft are perpendicular to each other, so that the power flow is redirected at a right angle.

RH-N: Maximum versatility in a hygienic design

The solid shaft gears of the RH-N series feature impressive power density and a very versatile design for motor adaptation. With their smooth surfaces and optimised seals the servo gears additionally fulfil the stringent hygiene standards of the food and packaging industries. On request, Nabtesco can deliver the gear systems with special coatings or filled with food-compliant H1 lubricants.

The RD series: a truly versatile gear


The servo gears of the RD series are extremely versatile due to three mounting variants. While the RDR series is designed for right-angle mounting, the RDS series is suitable for straight mounting, and the RDP is the belt drive version. The precision gears are available with a solid shaft (RD_-E) or a hollow shaft (RD_-C).

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