Cycloidal gears for eMobility

The key to more efficiency in production

Nabtesco gears will bring your production to a new level

There are numerous areas where car manufacturers and suppliers can boost efficiency in the production of electric vehicles. Underestimated in the past, although decisive is the choice of gear technology. Gearboxes are a central element in the drive train and play a central part in the performance of machines and systems. 

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How cycloidal gears can substantially boost efficiency in production.

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Efficiency through innovation and automation

The next evolution stage in production

High-tech gears for the future of automotive technology

Efficiency at a new level

Shorter cycle times, better quality and higher quantities at lower costs

Cycloidal gears deliver extremely high precision, dynamics and power density in order to bring your automation concepts to a new level. They feature high torsional rigidity and minimal backlash (< 1 arc.min guaranteed), which ensures high positioning and rotational speed accuracy even at tremendous speeds and accelerations. This makes it possible to shorten machining times, improve product quality, boost productivity and lower costs.

Automation with Nabtesco – your benefits:
  • Efficient drive concepts for battery production, body construction and the production of electric motors
  • High-performance cycloidal gears for high-speed handling and robot-assisted positioning
  • Innovative drive solutions for significant boosts in performance
  • Reduced production times, improved flexibility and higher product quality 
  • Cost reduction, risk minimisation and simply work processes
  • User-friendly plug & play solutions

Technology lead creates competitive advantages

Cycloidal gears: The ideal solution for fully automated production lines

Nabtesco gears enable fast and precise positioning of high loads with virtually no backlash to ensure pin-point placing and positioning of components, workpieces and tools. When handling and positioning processes in production need to be automated and executed with high precision, cycloidal gears boost efficiency and cost-effectiveness substantially – whether in battery production, body construction, or electric motor production.

Areas of application (for example):

  • Cycle-time concurrent loading and unloading
  • Indexing for exact position during punching of stator cores
  • Stacking of stator cores
  • Handling of components, assemblies and tools
  • Pin-point positioning for welding or assembly of parts
  • Precise and reliable joining of body components 
  • Positioning and mounting of battery modules

Technology of today for mobility of the future

User-friendly, high-performance and economical

Whether for turning, tilting or positioning tasks: Their high precision, dynamics and power density make cycloidal gears superior to conventional technologies such as planetary gears, worm gears or rotary indexers. That is due to their special design. In cycloidal gears, power transmission is achieved by cams and rollers. This ensures high efficiency, exceptional resistance to impacts, and minimal backlash throughout their entire lifetime. 

Advantages of Nabtesco gears:

  • Extreme precision (hysteresis loss from 0.5 to max. 1 arcmin) 
  • High torque capacity up to 28,000 Nm
  • High rigidity
  • High shock resistance (up to 500 % of the rated torque)
  • Low moment of inertia
  • Insensitive to vibrations
  • Designed for low wear and a very long life
  • High reduction ratio in a compact design

Teamwork at the production line

Robot technology for peripherals

Robot and peripherals form a unit. Better coordination between these components directly improves performance and cost-effectiveness. This is especially important in view of the growing segment of robot-assisted positioning, as well as the increasing integration of robots and peripherals. Nabtesco is the world market leader in the field of robotic gears – and therefore the ideal supplier for your handling and positioning systems. Take advantage of our expertise in precision!

Your strong partner for eMobility

All progress starts with the first step.

With many years of experience in robotics and automation, Nabtesco knows the exact requirements of the electric vehicle sector with respect to precision, quality, performance and process reliability, and delivers equally powerful and reliable drive concepts for the mobility systems of tomorrow. A broad product range, comprehensive automation expertise, and a high level of development competence make the difference.

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