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Precision gears from Nabtesco

More than 12 million references for excellent work

Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH – part of the Nabtesco Group – is the world’s largest and most recognised manufacturer of cycloidal gears. The special technology of these precision gears makes them robust and highly precise. The high-quality gears incorporate the entire engineering competence of more than three decades.

All that makes them ideal for applications in many high-tech sectors. More than 12 million Nabtesco gears are in use around the world. They are used in more than 60 % of all industrial robots worldwide. In addition to the time-proven gear series, a special strength of Nabtesco is in engineering services with custom-tailored components and special modifications.

Our service is similar to our gears: fast, resilient and effective

We have expanded our main European office in Düsseldorf to create a unique service hub for you.

  • Large warehouse for the fastest deliveries possible
  • Fast-response, professional service team
  • Production shop for finishing, final assembly and custom products on location
  • Prototype construction, test series and live demonstrations

With this range of services, we can help you with any questions which arise concerning drives and gears and the development of your application. Our specialists are capable of producing 
a prototype on location for your own test series or carrying out trials for you.

Much more than just gears

The gear division of Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH represents only part of the global activities of the Nabtesco Group. The diversified activities of the international Nabtesco Corporation with different subsidiaries and business divisions include the supply of systems and components in numerous sectors, such as Automotive, Aeronautics, Renewable Energies and Health Services.

At Nabtesco Corporation everything is about motion: Whether in braking systems for railway engineering, drives for adjusting aircraft elevators and rudders, control and monitoring components for diverse applications, automatic door systems, or mobility systems for the health and social sector – the corporation’s products, technologies and innovations can be found wherever objects have to be moved and stopped with high precision and flexibility. Nabtesco’s unique motion control technology makes vehicles, processes and systems more efficient, safer and more convenient, to enable advances in industry, infrastructure and society.

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