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Press release | Pinpoint precision

Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco for assembly and handling technology. Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco are designed to operate with extreme precision, dynamics and reliability. Even at high acceleration torques or under high loads they ensure exactly controlled motions and precise positioning of components, workpieces and tools. This achieves substantial performance boosts in handling and assembly applications.

The cycloidal gear specialist Nabtesco offers a broad precision portfolio for the automation of assembly and handling tasks

Whether joining, assembly, gripping, moving or adjusting: The majority of production time involves assembly and handling processes. This results in high system requirements for performance, flexibility and reliability. The efficiency of the systems depends to a large extent on the gear solutions in use. Among the most powerful technologies available are cycloidal gears from Nabtesco. They allow high speeds and acceleration rates, combined with outstanding repeatability and path accuracy, to guarantee pinpoint placement and positioning. The result: more efficient processes, shorter production times, and lower costs.

High-performance gears for handling and assembly
In cycloidal gears the force is transferred by means of cams and rollers. This ensures high efficiency, exceptional shock resistance (up to 500 % of the rated torque), and minimal backlash throughout the entire life cycle (hysteresis loss < 1 arcmin). These gear systems also ensure exactly controlled motions and high-precision positioning in the case of heavy loads or very fast and abrupt motions. Assembly and handling systems such as robots, pick-and-place devices, magazines or indexing tables additionally benefit from the compact design, smooth operation and long life of the gearboxes. In addition, the lightweight design ensures applications with lower inertia, improved load conditions and reduced power consumption. ;

Custom automation solutions
As the world’s biggest manufacturer of cycloidal gears, Nabtesco can offer a broad precision portfolio – from component sets for robotics to highly dynamic servo gearboxes and rotary indexers for rotary positioning. For hygiene-sensitive environments such as in food production, the gear specialist with European headquarters in Düsseldorf also offers hygienic design solutions with smooth surfaces and optimised seals. All drive concepts are developed by Nabtesco in close coordination with the customer and are custom tailored to the particular application.