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Press release | Nabby and Tessy give Nabtesco a face: The cycloidal gear specialist introduces its new mascots

Nabtesco, the largest manufacturer of precision cycloidal gears and the world market leader in the field of robotic gears, has a new addition to the company – namely the mascots Nabby and Tessy. Nabby and Tessy represent the business units of Robotics and General Industries, and their purpose is to communicate the gear specialist’s products, business segments and innovations to customers. The two mascots made their first major appearance at automatica in Munich.


“Cycloidal gears are a guarantee for precision, dynamics and efficiency. But many users of applications outside the field of robotics are not yet familiar with the innovative technology. Yet the compact gear systems can boost efficiency enormously, especially in general mechanical and plant engineering,” explains Daniel Obladen, Head of Sales General Industries at Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH, and continues: “That is why we brought Nabby and Tessy into being. The two mascots represent our business units of Robotics and General Industries, and they literally bring cycloidal gear technology to life.”


Nabby and Tessy are Nabtesco’s new mascots

Nabby and Tessy embody the products and values of Nabtesco. They are avatars, eye-catchers, symbols of recognition, communicators of knowledge and brand ambassadors. With playful ease the two robots will lead customers and business partners through the world of Nabtesco gears by assisting with the search for products, explaining technical details and providing tips & tricks. In a nutshell: They will turn technology into an experience. “Nabby and Tessy are like us: they have a passion for gears, are attuned to the needs of the customers, enjoy innovations and are open for new ideas,” says Daniel Obladen. Nabby and Tessy will enrich Nabtesco’s Corporate Identity and will appear, for example, on the website, in the social media, on banner ads and in many other places.


Cycloidal gears: Innovative, extremely high-performance technology

More than eleven million cycloidal gears are in use around the world. Whether in robotics or mechanical engineering: Wherever exact positioning and absolute reliability are required, the company’s high-performance precision gearboxes are the first choice. These gear systems owe their success to the cycloidal design. Force transmission by means of cams and rollers ensures high efficiency, exceptional resistance to shock loads (up to 500 % of the rated torque) and minimal backlash throughout the entire service life (hysteresis loss of 0.5 to max. 1 arcmin). The high power density of cycloidal gears substantially speeds up machining processes, improves product quality and boosts productivity. Due to their compact design, they also enable the construction of smaller plant and machinery, which has a positive effect on the machine footprint, energy and resource consumption as well as the total operating costs.