Precision gearboxes - Rotary indexer with hollow shaft


High-precision positioning of even the heaviest loads

We developed the RS series especially for the positioning of heavy loads. These hollow shaft gearheads feature an integrated rectangular gear and a durable, robust design.

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Specification RS-50A/B

Applications: Antenna construction, Robotics, Welding, Machine tool building, others
Gear type: Rotary indexers
Output side: Hollow shaft
Input side: Angled
Hysteresis Loss (arc.min): < 1
Torque Allowed (Nm): 1,225
Outer Diameter (mm): 345.5
Ratio: 65.4 | 130.8 | 163.5
Torque Rated (Nm): 490
Torque Stop (Nm): 2,450
Speed Max (rpm): 60
Rigidity Torsional (Nm/arc.min): 0
Rigidity Moment (Nm/arc.min): 0
Moment Allowed (Nm): 1,746
Load Radial (N): 0
Load Axial (N): 14,700

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