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News | Advantages of cycloidal gears for mechanical engineering

You think robot technology is too complex for general mechanical engineering? Then you obviously haven’t heard about our cycloidal gears. Especially for automation in small and mid-sized enterprises, we have developed economical plug & play gears that combine excellent performance with maximum user-friendliness. They allow you to establish your own robotic-like systems for fast and easy automation of your processes, without special knowledge of robotics.

Our high-precision cycloidal gears are absolutely reliable, extremely robust and very compact, which makes them ideal for automation in mechanical engineering. They enable fast, precise positioning of heavy loads and ensure pin-point placing and positioning of assemblies, components, workpieces and tools. The special design of these gearboxes makes them much more precise, dynamic and rigid than conventional gear solutions (such as worm gears and standard planetary gears) to bring your automation to a new level. 

Cycloidal gears boost process efficiency:

  • Shorter machining times
  • Better product quality
  • Higher productivity
  • More process reliability
  • Lower costs

Cycloidal gears for mechanical engineering

Our gears for mechanical engineering are based on the same technology we have been successfully using worldwide in robotics for more than 35 years (with a market share of more than 60%), which means they are fully equal to our robotic gears in terms of precision, dynamics and durability. At the same time, they meet the high usability requirements of mechanical engineering, with no compromises. The servo gearboxes are delivered ready to install, for integration in the drive train as plug & play components that are designed for intuitive handling. The modular concept offers you maximum flexibility, and the high level of standardisation is a guarantee for economical series production and high availability.

As a solution specialist with a focus on customer orientation, we provide full-service support with all issues related to gears and drives – an all-inclusive package for your automation, so to speak.

Automation in mechanical engineering made easy:

  • Reliable, ready-to-use solutions
  • High-performance cycloidal gears
  • Modular gear concepts
  • Convenient plug & play technology
  • Designed for uncomplicated handling
  • Quick assembly
  • Designed for convenient integration
  • User-friendly
  • Maximum safety and availability
  • Support with design and project monitoring

Neco® gears: Robot technology for general mechanical engineering

In particular, the Neco® series is ideal for automation in general mechanical and plant engineering. The series comprises servo gears with a modern, clean design (Neco®) as well as robust high-torque gears for heavy-duty applications (Neco®HT) and sets standards in terms of design, performance and user-friendliness. A flexible system with modular bushings and flanges facilitates adaptation of all standard servo motors. That not only ensures maximum flexibility in the motor connection, but also reduces installation expenses. A QR code on the gearboxes provides direct access to manual videos, operating instructions and live support.

Neco® and Neco®HT at a glance:

  • Extreme precision (hysteresis loss = 0.5 arc.min)
  • Shock resistance up to 500% of the rated torque
  • High level of modularity
  • Maximum flexibility in motor connection
  • Minimal engineering and installation expense
  • Durable, low-maintenance construction
  • Product portfolio with an extensive range of sizes
  • Series production up to the largest sizes

Would you like to learn more about the Neco® and Neco®HT series? Do you have any questions about our gears for mechanical engineering? We will be happy to give you a consultation! Don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

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