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Gears for packaging machines: from servo axes to intralogistics

Wherever products, boxes, bottles or pallets are packaged or loaded on pallets, cycloidal gears are in their element. The innovative high-performance components set standards regarding precision, dynamics, compactness and reliability, and bring packaging machines to the next level. Learn more about this advanced technology and why it is superior to planetary gears and worm gears!

The automation of packaging machines improves efficiency, boosts productivity, increases process reliability and reduces costs. No wonder that automation in packaging is booming. Whether for interlayer inserters, pallet-loading machines, delta robots, Scara systems or mobile robotics: Cycloidal gears make the difference. They feature high precision and dynamics, as well as high reduction ratios in a compact design, which makes them ideal for use in high-performance packaging machines and fully automated packaging lines.


Cycloidal gears for packaging machines

Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco cut a fine figure in all stages of the packaging process – whether in primary, secondary or tertiary packaging. Especially in demand are gears with mid-range torques of up to 3,200 Nm. The company also offers economical solutions for hygiene-sensitive applications in the food and beverage industry, medical technology and the pharmaceutical sector. The compact, high-performance gear systems are used both in servo axes of packaging machines and for in-house transport with automated guided vehicles (AGV).

Cycloidal gears perform the following tasks in packaging technology:

  • Handling
  • Positioning
  • Slewing motions
  • Reorientation
  • In-house transport with AGVs


Cycloidal gears make packaging machines more efficient

Nabtesco gears guarantee precisely executed motions and pin-point positioning, also under high acceleration torques and heavy loads. That achieves enormous improvements in the efficiency of packaging technology. They are also unrivalled in terms of cost effectiveness. Cycloidal gears allow reduction ratios of i £ 31 or even higher in a single gear stage, which makes them an ideal basis for constructing very compact packaging machines with a small machine footprint. They require a smaller servo motor, which reduces the cost of the motor. The lower weight that has to be moved allows more dynamic positioning. The positive effect on the cycle time optimizes the overall process.

Another advantage: The high precision of the gearboxes (max. hysteresis loss 0.5 to 1 arcmin) allows position detection with the supplied motor encoder. External sensors on the packaging machine – capacitive, optical or magnetic – are therefore eliminated. Additional external bearings are likewise superfluous, since Nabtesco gears feature a heavy-duty integrated main bearing, so they can withstand about 250 % higher bending moments than conventional planetary gears of the same size. That makes packaging machines not only more compact, but also more cost effective. Especially applications such as interlayer inserters, gantry robots or robot arms benefit from this.

More efficient packaging machines thanks to cycloidal gears:

  • Pin-point positioning
  • Lower weight has to be moved
  • More dynamic motions
  • More efficient processes
  • Short cycle times
  • Position detection without external sensors
  • Gearbox is a load-bearing machine element
  • Lower cost of motor purchase


Advantages over planetary gears

Many packaging machines are constructed with planetary gears. In many cases, however, cycloidal gears are often the better choice in terms of both technology and economy. Their special design assures significantly higher precision, dynamics and rigidity than conventional planetary gears. The advantages compared to pneumatic systems are similar. These systems operate with compressed air – an expensive and hygienically problematic source of energy. Electromechanical drive solutions not only achieve higher positioning accuracy, but are also more resource efficient and cost effective.

Applications that benefit from the use of Nabtesco gears:

  • Interlayer inserters
  • Pallet loaders
  • Coil handling
  • Automated vacuum packaging machines
  • DuoPods
  • Tripods
  • Delta robots
  • Pick-and-place robots
  • Scara systems
  • Automated guided vehicles (AGV)


Nabtesco gears for packaging machines

The company’s precision portfolio, extensive know-how and high level of engineering expertise make Nabtesco an ideal partner for the packaging industry. High-performance cycloidal gears are a guarantee for efficient, reliable processes and bring packaging machines to the next level.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Minimal backlash throughout the entire service life (max. hysteresis loss 0.5 to 1 arcmin)
  • High torsional rigidity and bending strength – also at high speeds and under heavy loads
  • High reduction ratios in a compact design (i £ 31 or even higher)
  • High shock resistance (up to 500 % of the rated torque)
  • Integrated main bearing for absorption of higher-than-average axial and radial loads 
  • Large hollow shaft for feed-through of cables and hoses
  • Hygiene-compliant versions
  • Minimum wear for a long life

Especially the gears of the Necoâ, RD-C and RV-W series have proven themselves worldwide in packaging machines and automated guided vehicles:

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