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News | Modular gears: Maximum flexibility and high availability

Individualisation despite standardisation? What may seem like a contradiction is the best way to boost flexibility, availability and efficiency in production. Modular gears are therefore in demand like never before. An ingenious modular system makes it possible to turn standardised components into custom-tailored gear systems, for fast and optimally cost-effective implementation of individual customer requirements. Discover our modular gears for robotics and mechanical engineering!

Modular gears are in vogue – and for good reasons. They are flexible, efficient and economical. The combination of standardised elements easily allows the use of numerous defined interfaces for a broad spectrum of requirements. The result is mass customisation. Within a very short time you receive a gear unit that is custom-tailored to your application.

Modular gears offer decisive advantages

Modular gear design offers numerous advantages. Assembly is faster, and the motor connection is more flexible. In addition, standardisation allows economical series production while guaranteeing high availability with shorter delivery times.

The advantages of modular gears:

  • High flexibility
  • User-friendly configuration
  • Reduced complexity 
  • Quick assembly
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Fewer variants
  • High availability
  • Savings of time and money

Neco® and Neco®HT: A high level of modularity even in the largest gear units

In applications where the gear unit is connected to a motor, the interface is a central issue – because the two main components in the drive train require an adapter. The problem: There are no unified standards for motor adaptation. The consequence: Gearboxes are equipped with different motor adapters depending on the motor type and make. That is inconvenient, inflexible and costly.

Modular gears alleviate the problem. The best example is our user-friendly Neco® series. We reduced the number of interfaces to a minimum and developed a flexible system with modular bushings and flanges. Instead of using a separate interface to connect each motor type, a modular system guarantees easy adaptation of all standard servo motors. This allows use of all motor makes and types available on the market, without the need for additional flanges. The result: maximum flexibility in the motor adaptation and absolute engineering design freedom. 

The modular Neco® concept is also used in the Neco®HT series. The high-torque gears are designed for torque ratings of up to 9,000 Nm and guarantee absolutely precise positioning in scenarios involving heavy loads and high forces. The high level of modularity and standardisation is unique with respect to large precision gears. Large gear units are generally custom-made.

RD-C: Modular hollow shaft gears

A modular system also makes the hollow shaft gears of the RD-C series extremely versatile. Three mounting variants and the excellent performance of modular gears mean that the potential applications are virtually unlimited – from machine tools to robotics, as well as packaging machines, medical technology and handling systems of all types. While the RDR-C series is designed for angled mounting, the RDS-C series is suitable for direct mounting; the RDP-C is a belt-driven variant.

The large hollow shaft offers sufficient room for convenient and space-saving routing of cables and hoses – such as data and supply lines – through the centre of the cycloidal gear unit. It does not remain rigid, but rather is designed to rotate at the output rpm. The advantage of this is that a sensor on the hollow shaft can determine the position of the drive shaft.

Modularity creates flexibility

Whether in robotics or mechanical engineering: Modular gears are 100% tailored to your individual requirements, and are designed for maximum flexibility and availability. That creates tremendous advantages in terms of performance, efficiency and economy.

Modular gears for your application:

  • Neco® servo gears
  • Neco®HT high-torque gears
  • RD-C hollow shaft gears 

Would you like to learn more about the advantages for your application? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts.