Fast start-up with ready-to-install gears

Ready to install for fast integration

Nabtesco gearheads are completely sealed gear units. They are filled with grease, encapsulated and ready for installation. To reduce the design and assembly costs, we integrate the motor adapter plate and the motor shaft coupling for servo motors in the gearheads. The gearheads are based on our different component sets – with a hollow shaft or solid shaft – and their design features bring numerous advantages.

Easy assembly

All gearheads form a completely sealed component. The basic features include an adapter plate for the motor and a motor shaft coupling for servo motors. This ensures fast and inexpensive installation of the gears. The large, integrated angular ball bearings in the gears absorb high forces and moments. This eliminates the need for additional bearings and minimizes design and assembly times. The result: lower overall costs!

Do you have specific technical specifications for the gearbox solution? With our Quickfinder you will find the optimum gear with just a few clicks.

Our gearheads at a glance


These gearheads feature a large hollow shaft for the feed-through of cables and supply lines. The hollow shaft rotates at the output speed. This series is available for right-angle (RDR-C) or straight (RDS-C) installation, as well as for installation with a pulley input (RDP-C).

Hollow shaft gearhead
T: 98 – 3.136 Nm
i: 81 – 258

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The solid shaft gearheads of our new RH-N series are based on the RV-N component sets. They feature an integrated input gear and a motor flange for all standard motor types. This makes them ideal for use in machine tools, in modern rotary tables and in different handling applications. The gears are manufactured locally and adapted for individual applications as required.

Solid shaft gearhead
T: 245 – 7.000 Nm
i: 41 – 203,52

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We designed these gearheads to be especially lightweight and compact. They can be operated with a right-angle (RDR-E) or straight (RDS-E) pre-stage or alternatively by means of a pulley input type (RDP-E).

Solid shaft gearhead
T: 58 – 3.136 Nm
i: 31 – 185

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The solid shaft gears of the RA-EA/EC series are based on the RV-E component sets and are optimized for the precise positioning of chain or disk magazines.

Solid shaft gearhead
For magazines and change systems
T: 167 – 1.568 Nm
i: 80 – 171

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These reduction gearheads (based on the RV gear sets) are designed for high output speeds and are therefore ideal for the automation of robot axes, machine tools and conveyor systems.

Hollow shaft gearhead
High output speed
T: 69 – 980 Nm
i: 10,74 – 31,43
n: bis 270 min-1

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