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Press release | Plug & play gears for more efficient automation

With the Neco® and RD series, Nabtesco offers plug & play capable precision cycloidal gears with maximum performance and cost-effectiveness. The compact servo gearboxes are designed for fast installation, which makes them ideal for automation in machine and plant engineering.

Plug & play gears are ready-to-install solutions with a focus on user-friendliness. They are designed for fast and easy integration, as well as intuitive handling. Plug & play gears save time and money, and also facilitate automation. No wonder that the Neco® and RD series are among Nabtesco’s best-selling gears.

High-performance plug & play gears for automation

The Neco® and RD series combine excellent performance and cost-effectiveness with maximum user-friendliness. The innovative plug & play solutions achieve high precision with a hysteresis loss of 0.5 to max. 1 arc.min, and are extremely robust thanks to shock resistance of up to 500% of the rated torque. The two-stage reduction principle of cycloidal gears results in superior dynamic behaviour and smooth operation, as well as high repeatability and path accuracy, which makes the compact servo gearboxes ideal for automated processes – whether for precise positioning, flexible handling and processing tasks, or dynamic pick-and-place applications.

Neco®: High level of modularity and standardisation

The Neco® series comprises servo gearboxes with a modern, clean design (Neco®) as well as robust high-torque gears for heavy-duty applications (Neco®HT). A characteristic feature of the gears is their modular design. The combination of standardised elements easily allows for numerous defined interfaces for use with a broad spectrum of drives. This enables economical series production and guarantees high availability.

RD series: three mounting variants for maximum flexibility

The RD series is available as a hollow shaft (RD-C) and a solid shaft (RD-E) version. Three variants (direct, angled, and belt driven) allow maximum flexibility, such as in the choice of the servo motor. The space-saving hollow shaft of the RD-C gears facilitates the feed-through of cables and hoses – for example, data and supply lines, as well as drive shafts – through the middle of the cycloidal gear.

Increased efficiency potential

The special design of Nabtesco plug & play gears makes them much more precise, dynamic and rigid than the more commonly used rotary indexers, worm gears and standard planetary gears – for substantially better performance, reduced costs and simplified processes. They can be operated with all standard servo motors and are fully encapsulated, filled with lubricant, and feature a built-in adapter plate for the motor, as well as a motor shaft coupling for servo motors. In coordination with the customer, Nabtesco develops custom-fit drive solutions that are perfectly adapted to the particular application.