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News | Woodworking industry: High-performance gears ensure efficient processes

Wood is in fashion and continues to gain in popularity; especially the furniture industry is currently experiencing a tremendous boom. To meet the simultaneous increase in efficiency and cost pressure, the woodworking trade is responding with fully automated production lines and flexible high-tech machines. Gears play a central role in these processes. Learn about the advantages of cycloidal gears for the woodworking industry and how you can boost the efficiency of your robots, automation systems and woodworking machines.

Wood is one of the most important renewable resources and is extremely versatile – whether for building houses and furniture, as the basis for paper production, or as a source of energy. Processing of this highly sought after resource is increasingly being accomplished with the use of robot technology and automation solutions. The focus is on efficient utilisation of boards with smart cutting programs, fully automated one-off production, automated production lines, robot handling of heavy workpieces, and combined wood processing machines with short retooling times. Currently, automation of woodworking processes is still achieved primarily with planetary gears, although cycloidal gears are the better choice in terms of both technology and efficiency.

High-precision, dynamic gears for the woodworking industry 

The special design of cycloidal gears enables a high level of precision, dynamics, torsional rigidity and compactness. They are designed for high-precision positioning (hysteresis loss from 0.5 arcmin to max. 1 arcmin throughout the entire service life) and enable dynamic processes without overshoot and oscillations. Compared to standard planetary gears, the innovative cycloidal gears are much more precise, dynamic and rigid – which makes it possible to boost efficiency substantially, therefore reducing costs in the woodworking industry. This is also supported by the low-maintenance, reliable and long-life operation of the gears.

Advantages of cycloidal gears for the woodworking industry:

  • Precise and dynamic positioning
  • Short processing times
  • High productivity
  • Optimal product quality
  • Reliable processes
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Durable and virtually maintenance-free design
  • Economical woodworking machines

Cycloidal gears boost the efficiency of woodworking machines

Like many other sectors, the woodworking industry is facing increased digital transformation and cost pressure, ever shorter production cycles and individual customer requirements. High-performance technologies such as cycloidal gears from Nabtesco make the difference here. Their high precision, rigidity and power density make it possible to optimise the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of woodworking systems, robots and processes. 

Innovative gear technology for the woodworking sector

Cycloidal gears are used in all processing steps of the woodworking industry – from handling to loading and packaging. The high torsional rigidity and lasting precision of cycloidal gears make it possible, for example, to minimise retooling processes in woodworking machines. Loading and unloading systems, placement processes and handling / positioning applications of all types benefit from the superior dynamic behaviour, repeatability and path accuracy of the gears. They guarantee ultra-precise positioning even at high speeds and acceleration rates. 
Processes that particularly benefit from the use of cycloidal gears:

  • Board handling
  • Machine loading
  • Tool handling
  • Retooling
  • Sawing
  • Drilling
  • Foil coating
  • Edging
  • Packaging

Neco® and RD-C: high-performance precision gears 

Especially the gears of the Neco® (solid shaft) and RD-C (hollow shaft) series have proven themselves in the woodworking industry. They feature excellent power density, convenient handling and maximum flexibility in the motor connection, as the basis for high-performance, versatile woodworking machines. 

Cycloidal gears for your woodworking processes:

  • Neco®: Solid shaft gears in a modern, clean design with a high level of modularity
  • RD-C: Hollow shaft gears in three different mounting versions (direct, angled and belt driven)

Would you like to increase the efficiency of your woodworking machines and learn more about the advantages of cycloidal gears for the woodworking industry? Click here for more information.