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New Nabtesco distributor in Switzerland

In July 2019 the Swiss company Balance Drive AG joined Nabtesco’s international sales network. The goal is to boost the image and popularity of the Nabtesco brand in Switzerland.

Balance Drive AG is a new Nabtesco distributor in Switzerland

In July 2019 the Swiss company Balance Drive AG joined Nabestco’s international sales network. Learn more about the cooperation here.

“Being close to the customer is very important for us. That is why we cooperate with local partners around the globe. This allows us to provide optimal advice and support to our customers”, emphasizes Carlos Rivera, Area Sales Manager Region South at Nabtesco. The world’s biggest manufacturer of cycloidal gears and the market leader in robotics has done well in choosing the competence of Balance Drive AG as a sales partner in Switzerland.

Balance Drive AG, established in 2019 by Jürg Fürst, Stefan Schoen and Dr. Franz J. Joachim, specializes in the development of innovative, drive solutions – from the product idea all the way to assembly-line production. “Even if Balance Drive AG is still a very young company, they can build on decades of experience in the area of precision gears”, explains Rivera. “Mr. Schoen, Dr. Joachim and Mr. Fürst have a great deal of know-how and experience, in addition to an extensive network of contacts in Switzerland.”

Especially in the fields of robotics, automation and machine tools, Balance Drive AG has an excellent reputation as a supplier and development partner. Nabtesco products are therefore the perfect addition to the Swiss company’s portfolio. “The inclusion of Nabtesco products will facilitate the seamless introduction of custom solutions with world-renowned, industrially manufactured precision gears designed for the most demanding requirements”, says Jürg Fürst, Managing Director of Balance Drive AG, and adds: “Nabtesco gears feature convincing properties such as reliability and a compact design, as well as excellent rigidity and high output torques, which makes them ideal for our range of high-performance products.”