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Precision is (almost) everything

Cycloidal gears for micron-precise positioning

Precision is the top priority in the construction of machine tools: Blanks and tools must be positioned quickly and with micron precision. Complete machining in one single clamping operation prevents inaccuracies that can occur as a result of frequent reclamping of the workpiece.

The compact cycloidal gears from Nabtesco are a proven design for the exact positioning of chain or disc magazines. Compared to planetary gears, their design makes them considerably more precise with less wear and greater reliability. Cycloidal gears also have more compact dimensions. Nabtesco gears have a similar performance level as torque motors, especially for traveling axes, tool changers or CNC rotary tables. However, the reduced energy consumption causes a significantly better economic solution.

High precision

Nabtesco cycloidal gears allow very exact processes in machine tools. Their design results in excellent gear performance with respect to dynamics and smooth operation.

Absolute reliability

Our precision gears have a two stage reduction concept: First stage straight-cut gears, second stage cycloidal gear. That is why Nabtesco gears are extremely reliable. Sudden failures are therefore virtually impossible!

Small dimensions

In machine tools there is often only limited space. That is why Nabtesco developed the eccentric gears of the RH-N and RF-P series to be very compact and lightweight, to meet the requirements of machine tool construction.

Tool change specialists

The Neco precision gearboxes are ideally suited for machine tools with shaft rotation. The servo gearboxes are extremely precise, exceptionally compact and highly dynamic and are therefore predestined for use in tool changers.

Due to their compact dimensions and suitability for high speeds, RF-P gearboxes have become established for use in automated tool changers (ATC). These reduction gears offer advantages especially in the version with a chain, in which the speed can be increased substantially. The optional version with housing rotation allows rotation of the chain wheel directly with the gear housing.

The “powerhouses” of the RA-EA/EC series were likewise designed especially for the positioning of magazines in machine tools. They can easily be integrated in ATCs by means of a motor flange and input gear.

Nabtesco cycloidal gears for machining centres

Cycloidal gears - powerhouses for machine tools: Due to their high rigidity, RV-N solid shaft gears and RV-C hollow shaft gears are predestined for use in machining centres. The gears feature high efficiency, a compact design and high precision. Precision is the top priority in the construction of machine tools.

Our gears for machine tools

Our range of precision gears includes a variety of series with numerous designs and sizes. Thanks to the different variants – i.e. with or without hollow shaft and various installation possibilities – the diversity of application variants of Nabtesco gears are practically unlimited. The following gear series have been proven for many years, particularly in machine tool construction:


Solid shaft precision gearboxes
- Component sets -


Hollow shaft precision gearboxes
- Component sets -


Solid shaft precision gearboxes
- Component sets -


Precision gearboxes - Gearheads with solid shaft

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